Some news from France LXXII

Here we are mid week, I am getting ready to do another trip by car to Versailles, and Paris. For now, here are the latest tips I have been able to find to my favorite choices, of course.

There is a new way to come into Paris from the airports of Paris, it is citygold ,the motocycle ride, yes a moto now can take you in . I think a very good innovative idea, and hoping it catches on, the webpage is in French all is done by experience moto drivers,and you can book your trip online at the site given. Go for it!

The Bordeaux tourist office once again the summer is coming, has wine tastings, this time is the côte de Bordeaux at Blaye. Affordable wines at a great location, and with a great city of Bordeaux as background. More info here

To continue with Bordeaux, we have the wide open season of wine tastings, the opening is on pdf file in French ,but plenty of info there to print, if need help , let me know if you think something is to your liking, the 52 pages is loaded with information on how to enjoy the wines of Bordeaux and more,

Sneaking it here, a bit away from France,and al. I will need to tell you how happy I am to see my life’s team Real Madrid of Madrid,Spain, winning the 32nd championship of their history, the most of any Spanish teams. Under coach Mourinho, and with a great team of players from many countries they were able to disbank the other team that for me is unmentioned.  First I give you the English versiont of the official site here , and then the Spanish version with a nice video on winning  here,

My all time best hostal, done it for years,and now share here on Segovia, Spain, Venta Magullo on the road to Soria just outside Segovia;,, and combine with the best Galician seafood resto in Madrid, my home, Ribeira do Miño at , and yes that pile of seafood is real !!!! If want to stay closer at Madrid, then head for Hostal La Plata at gran via,

It is now at Paris, the 17th Fête du Pain, Parvis de Notre Dame, until May 21  free admission, webpage  of course this is the festival of bread, baguettes lol!!!

How about the jules et jim  hotel ,11, rue des gravilliers – 75003  for cult  movies par excellence in Paris webpage

How about my sky team lounges at CDG and Orly, well relaxed you are in Paris, webpage

and of course my Flying Blue frequent flyer program, the best, , and if you need trains, see the train stations in one site in French,

This is all for now, until next time, will be traveling by car tomorrow to Versailles, and then come back,and take the plane at Nantes for South Africa on business trio of one week; see you soon, and remember France is on holiday Thursday and most  take the bridge, pont on Friday ::) Cheers


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