Wonderful quaint old nice Rochefort-en-Terre

This is inland Morbihan, my department in France now. Today was wonderfully sunny all over, and the folks were out in mass,along the beaches, so  I headed inland for quiet, nice, and quaint Rochefort-en-Terre!

I went in posing as a tourist into the tourist office, ask all kinds of typical questions, and the lady there was very nice, friendly helpful, she came and directed me to different pamphlets or brochures, very nice indeed,feel welcome there. It was my first visit to the office, second to this wonderful town. All of it is on hills, and cobblestones, and quaint all medieval looking buildings all around you.

The tourist office webpage is here http://www.rochefortenterre-tourisme.com/  there still so much to see here, two days is not enough. I overheard French locals staying here for four days. The tourist office tells you of this town and others nearby, some already visited and told in different posts. Some new just went by and mark for future trips such as the Castle of Château du Plessis-Josso.

One place here that I was, and lucky because now is close for the rest of the year on renovation is the Château et Musée de Rochefort-en-Terre , it was a fortress in the 12C, now still has from that period the ramparts and the chatelet, the rest kept on under the French revolution , the American Painter  Alfred Klots revitalise the castle n successive stages, a new castle was created and now it it the property of the regional gov council of  Morbihan; keep an eye when open again in 2013 it is worth a visit.

Rochefort-en-Terre is name in Brittany one of the town of character and history , as in French « Petite Cité de Caractère », she is ,also , a village fleuri four flowers rating!  or a flower town of France, and Les Plus Beaux Villages de FRance or the The most beautiful towns of France designation. All worth it.

The city has many artisans or artists of local traditions, all over the town, the list of the most important are in the tourist office webpage in French ,http://www.rochefortenterre-tourisme.com/content/artisans-de-rochefort

Not needed to stay for me as the city is only 45 minutes from my home, but the best hotel is right in the center of town as Le Pelican, Logis de FRance 2 stars, and only 7 rooms, plus a restaurant on street level not try yet.  However, seems very clean and pisturesque plus very central to all, webpage http://www.hotel-pelican-rochefort.com/

The other historical place to see here is the church of Notre Dame de la Tronchaye, the fortified tower on the transept dates from the Roman chapel of 1125AD, and the facade north dates from 1533AD in gothic flamboyant style ,inside it is richly panneled with very old ceilings still bearing the dukes of Brittany seals . The church was originally built to house a wooden statue of the virgen withe enfant Jesus from the 12C, a nice place to visit.

I have try several of their places all good in previous post, but today I try a new one. La Terrasse pizzeria creperie on the main street. 8 rue Saint Michel, tel +33 (0) 2 97 43 35 56, no webpage , a young family, very very friendly , serve on time,and plenty of free water. The chef invite us into the terrasse in the back overlooking a wonderful cliffy forest. Recommended. We had galettes ham and cheese ,2, half a cheese pizza big portion and leafy green salad, a bottle of cider brut from Nicol,local breton, and ice cream of different sorts, all for 43€ for 3 persons. nice

Some of my other favorites stores is the one we always buy our souvenirs, my family is into decorating with Merlin the magician , Arthur of the Round Table, and dragons all is from the leyend of this area. The must stop store is O lutin charmeur, on the main street 7 rue Saint -Michel. We buy at the epicerie or grocery store, Entre Ciel et Art, 5 Chemin du Tertre, actually you can see it from rue St Michel, and has its own webpage at  http://www.entre-ciel-et-art.com/ Le Savonnerie, 7 Place des Halles, for candles, gifts,and foremost soaps n any kind , right by the main street near the hotel de ville or mairie.  Other times we had eaten at Restaurant Les Ardosiéres, 4 pl St MIchel where the Swiss Painter Bergeaud did his work, lovely terrace on a plaza great views and food, Cafe Breton, 8 Rue Porche, great food in good ambiance, in very old house from the 16C, it is rated by Routard, Lonely Planet, and  Hachette.

As to how to get to Rochefort en Terre, I do the road warrior drives all over. From Vannes, take the N166 direction Rennes and get out at D775 Redon, then follow signs for Questembert, and then Rochefort en Terre on same road,easy lol!  You can come by department bus No 9 from Vannes direction Rochefort en Terre. Schedule hours here in pdf file http://www.morbihan.fr/UserFile/flash/CarteTIM/horaires/HLn9-H1-2011-2012.pdf  There is a train station in Questembert and you can take taxi or the bus No 9 as per above to Rochefort en Terre;http://www.ter-sncf.com/Region/bretagne/gare/questembert.aspx

Enjoy the photos is a wonderful place indeed and I for one recommended, which I dont do hardly ever ::) Cheers


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