Wondering ,walking on 8 mai at Auray.

Today was an off day as we celebrate the May 8 1945 end of World War II all over Europe. Many places close but the restaurants and bars are open even the ice cream parlor. Is a time for families to stay together and go out into their city, walking and eating out. We were no different.

Yesterday the twins got an off day but I need it to work, hopefully I was able to leave early before 5pm when normally is 6pm (18H). We went into Vannes to see if stores were open but as they also were getting ready for a holiday the videogames store was close earlier,and we decided to head back not before eating dinner at Villa Valencia. 3 Rue Bienheureux Pierre René Rogues  ,http://www.lavillavalencia.com/ where I had my filet mignon pork in a wok oriental style, and the kids had their pizzas , a bottle of Charles Pain, Chinon red wine , banana splits desserts and coffee for 3 all for 73 Euros.

Today we head out for Auray, wondering and walking all day around the historic St Goustan district just below city center, you can walk down from here, go around parc Kerleano by car or go outside on the high city and park at St Goustan on the other side of the river Loch.

We walk the cobblestone street with woodend houses, and old artist quarters at rue du petit port, and had our lunch at Creperie La Frégate, 11 Rue Petit Port  ,http://www.cityvox.fr/restaurants_auray-56/la-fregate_71061/Profil-Lieu very quaint area but rather isolated and small portions, but all good. Here is the typical galette with bacon, ham, eggs, cheese,and the banana splits or dame blanche,  a bottle of house cider brut,and coffee all for 45€ for 3.

We wandered into the castle ruins across the river Loch and pl St Sauveur, it is a steep climb but the views are always great, the trails of thick trees magnificent, and always on the footsteps of history, as it was a duchy and very old Breton history here.  The castle was sold in auction by king Henri II of France in 1560 after taken by French troops. The castle of Auray was the site of residence of the dukes of Brittany François Ier and his wife Isabeau d’Ecosse or Elizabeth of Scotland in October 30, 1442.  It was an strategic fortress, as in September 29 1364 duke of Brittany Jean IV put a siege on it to end the pretentions of the dukedom to his adversary Charles de Blois. the views are wonderful ,recommended.

I gave you some photos of driving going to St Goustan, and walking its marvelous streets, we did stop for an apero or before dinner drink at L’Armoric bar right on 3 Place St Sauveur  , the hangout place for the young and young at heart, with bar and restaurant attached, webpage http://www.larmoric.com/

As our wondering took us late, we decided to have a bit heartier meal so not to cook at home, and we stop again by one of our favorite, Bar Franklin, right at 21 Place St Sauveur  , the corner of pl St Sauveurs and the quai Franklin alongside the river Loch. Here we had galette of bacon and cheese,cheese and ham two, 50cl beer Leffe for 3, coffee, and banana splits for 43€ for 3. no webpage but here is the Telephone +33 (0) 2 97 56 65 56.

We went home and now relaxing on my blog sharing another escapade with friends and readers alike as well as family, that comes in once in a while to see how we are doing ::) Enjoy the photos. Cheers

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