Some news from France LXX

Well so much to do and see in France, this entry is on my new area of Brittany, or Bretagne or even Breizh in breton language. I know nicer weather is coming and the area gets fill up very quickly ::) Some of my favorites are :

To know about king Arthur and the round table plus Merlin de magician, well this is the area where those stories were born of, and there is an imagination center at Concoret (my dept of Morbihan)  in the Chateau de Comper on the forest of Brocéliande, more info at

The academie de musique et d’arts sacrés de St Anne d’Auray or the sacred music academy of St Anne d’Auray near me is holding an event on organs in churches, it also train folks on choral singing,and organises expositions on the matter of organs, see it at

The Fêtes des enfants or children feast at the Domaine de Kerguéhennec in the hamlet of Bigan is on June 10th ,free admission for all, all for family fun in beautiful forest and castle, more info on email or webpage

In nearby Baud up on road D768 from me, there will be the 15th Salon de la Carte Postale or post cards Sunday may 13 2012.This is at the salle du Scaouêt from 9h To 18h30 ,location Cartopole, rue d’Auray, contact:  The dates and hours are  from June 15 to Sept 15, all tuesdays and sundays from 14h -18h -Wednesdays,thursdays, fridays,and saturdays from 10h-12h30 and 14h-18h  From Sept 16 to June 14, open on tuesdays and thursdays from  13h30-18h – wednesdays 9h30 -12h30 and 13h30-18h -Saturdays from 9h30 -16h, general admission is 2,50€ more in French at

At the Haras d’hennebont or national horse raising place, and principal one in Brittany you will have an exposition until Sept 30th of Simonne L’Hermitte ,painting of the life and history of horses with a visit to the Haras the site of horse in Brittany, beautiful indeed. Haras National, Rue Victor Hugo,Hennebont or webpage

You have n Lorient, the Volvo Ocean Race with the course from June 16 to July 1st 2012, aerial airplane presentation over water,attractions in many kiosks,concerts,  the arrival of the stage Lisbon-Lorient on June 30th , and see the 66 best seaman in action in the world. Even Yannick Noah will be here singing on friday June 23rd webpage at   While in town do not missed the live music at Le Galion,2 rue Florian Laporte, port de pêche or webpage perso at

You have the percussionists of the world event at Lorient, this is their 9th edition with some nice names and newcomers,this is June 6 and 7th see more at webpage  awesome event indeed.

You have at Carnac near me, the Gouel Karnag, 7000 years of history,with guides, demonstrations, concerts, projections, meet the authors, stories telling at the espace terraqué or musée de la prehistoire from the 17 to 28 of May, webpage

Coming even closer to me at Auray, you will have precisely at St Anne d’Auray the magnificent event on letters and verbs of the Breton treasures, or Le Verbe et La Lettre, at the gallery of the cloister of the Basilica of Sainte Anne d’Auray (patron saint of Brittany and selon history the mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus). from May 17 to October 14 2012 and hours 14h to 18h30

At near Vannes in Arradon ,we will have from May 18-19 the Festival Algues au Rythme ,with live music on the port with Saturday 18 mussels and french fries on tap with a popular val breton, and on the 19 the rock comes in, more info at webpage admission is free before 18h30 then 20€ adults down to 10€ children.

We have at chateau de Suscinio near Sarzeau, the wonderful Sundays at the castle or Dimanche au Chateau, 6 Sundays from June to September from 15h, great encounters with the best artists from the region of Brittany, adults fare 15€ , not to mention ,here live and visit Anne of Brittany ,Duchess and two times Queen of France, and there is an exposition of her times here from May 19 2012 to April 2013. webpage at

The wonderful Salon du Livre en Bretagne will be on June 22-24 2012 in the gardens of the ramparts of old castle ruins. City center by the port area. Free admission from 10h to 19h, dedications,conferences, discussions, to see the ocean in a different way, all about books, see more at webpage

The city of Vannes gives out lectures of modest fees from 3€ to 5€ for walkers to see the city on foot and enter into spaces usually not open to the general public, you can contact the tourist officeor city of Vannes  so when in town to see if there is any programme; webpage  and

To see the world champion Eric Tabarly and his sailing school at Lorient you visit the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly ,admission is 11,90€ adults,8.60€ children ,more at webpage and for a little tropic in seafaring Brittany stop by in Lorient to Casa Varadero, resto and pizzeria at 19bd Franchet  d’Esperey open every day except Sunday noon and continues otherwise until 23h30 in weekends and 22h30 during the week. webpage  if problems see the dept tourist office info at

One of my friends n the area recommended me this camping 7 Saints , nicely located by Erdeven ,near the river going to ocean, nice modern facilities, just too close for me I think, we usually go to Bordeaux beaches along the Medoc but here is the webpage for someone from elsewhere looking for accommodation in the area, webpage




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