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May 5, 2012

A new found backyard, Bucharest;;;;the little Paris….

Well have more time than I thought and its the right time to write about my latest international escapade, Bucharest, Romania. Yes 22 years after leaving the chains of communism ,this city at least is stepping out, great renovations done and ongoing, lots of beauty to be recall the Little Paris, and warm friendly people all over. A new found backyard indeed.

My day was long starting getting from home by personal car to Nantes airport for the flight to Paris CDG, and then connection to Bucharest on AF. All very well as usual. My return was Bucharest, to Amsterdam, then Nantes then perso car home. Very nice indeed . Airports webpages are for Nantes, Amsterdam, Paris, and Bucharest.

The stay in Bucharest was at the wonderful Ramada Parc Hotel near Romexpo exhibition center, and our offices there. Great breakfast, good location, friendly staff, we end up talking football/soccer all night long the first night there.

We took a perso car tour of the main sights in town late at night ,which was glorious but since only carry my blackberry the pictures were not good. However, we did walk the pedestrian city center and ate at the historical wonderful Hanul lui Manuc , Romanian specialty of lamb steak and polenta with the local Ursus beer. This is the address as the site is in Romanian language, Str. Franceza nr. 62-64, Bucuresti, Sector 3 ,webpage  however it can be translated with google !

The official Romanian tourist webpage is at  and in it you will find a ton of information on the city of Bucharest.  Some personal information, you may want to consider renting an apartment for stays of one week or more, the place recommended is  also, if need to rent a car other than the international brokers AutoEurope and Kemwel, you can do Continental rent a car at  Be aware of taxis, best to seek the advice of a local or hotel or apartment recommendation.  All tariffs are posted but sometimes not the correct ones…. some trusted taxi companies are Fly taxi at and for shuttle service the Bucharest airport transfer at  . There is also a bus No 783 from the airport to Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, and Piata Universistatii , buses every 30 minutes from 5h25 to 23h for 7 LEI, the webpage for full info is at RATB the local public transport organism, that can also be translated using google, at webpage You need to pay for the bus ticket before getting into the bus, call an Activ Card purchase for 3,70 LEI at small kiosks next to major bus metro tramway stops.

Next week there is the final of the Europa League in football/soccer there, when the Spanish clubs Atletico de Madrid plays Athletic de Bilbao. I saw great enthusiasts folks for this major event as the country is football crazy; saw many casinos it seems all of Europe comes here to gamble.  There is so much to see need at least a week to see it all. Many beautiful churches of the Orthodox Christian rite abound. The National Theater , the Arcul de Triumf or arch de triomphe Romanian ,royal palace, and many museums. The eateries and places to stay are huge with all ranges, and styles to please anyone. I went to a Romanian historical one mentioned above, but my host also suggested Casa Doina, or Osho. Along Calea Victoriei street you have one resto, bar, cafe one after the other. See the fantastic looking and full swing Freddo at street Smardan.

For shopping I stop by Baneasa shopping city, huge see it at  Now here are some pictures of my trip there as best available coming from my blackberry. Cheers




May 5, 2012

Some news from France LXIX

Well here I am back from another foreign trip, but first, house comes first. The latest tidbits that I have encounter or found from reliable sources to you.

do you know Marseille will be the European cultural capital in 2013? yes and the whole city (second largest in France) is gearing up for it. You can read all about it here www.

Needless to say the city is renovating and cleaning all over so construction still is some inconvenience if come by car like me ::)  Traditionally the city is split in two along the Canebiére, with the south more residential chic and the north the vieux port and industrial.  One of my all time favorite there is the herbs and spices store Le Pére Blaize, 4-6 rue Méolan, webpage  and for eating the seafood lover in me has a fix at La Boîte à Sardines 7 bd de la Libération, webpage the marseille fish and chip invention!  and to continue on the seafood this time with a view of the ocean go to Le Péron, 56 corniche Kennedy, at webpage  I always use exclusively the Accor hotels Novotel or Mercure.

Coming back to eternal Paris, the CDG airport at Roissy dept 95 Val d’Oise (notice is not Paris but popularly call the Paris airport) has new innovation coming such as a terminal 4 with a shopping gallery. It will come from the old terminal 2E and will be operational this summer. Capable of handling 7 A380 huge jumbo planes. The terminal 2E will house the flights from international destinations and the terminals 2F and 2G those from Schengen countries. The gallery will have over 6K sq meters of shopping space ! as well as bars and restaurants. There will be faster walking distance between terminals 2F and 2E as well as the gallery call Parisienne , all the personnel will be trained in customer service to provide the maximum of comfort. CDG Paris is the 7th traffic airport in the world, 2nd in Europe and transit 61M passengers in 2011.  All together with more destination and connecting flights choices.

Going over to Seine et Marne dept 77, we have the wonderful Fontainebleau castle, and the 2nd edition of the Festival de l’histoire de l’art or the festival of the history of arts. Right on castle property. This edition will have Germany as the invited guest of honor. It will be held from June 1-3 2012 more info at website in French.

Versailles ,Versailles here all about it, its wonderful I am biased but the most beautiful castle in the world !!! the Royal fireworks festivities  will be  June 22,28,29, and July 5 and 6 until 22h at the Grand Canal all done by Groupe F; read more in French

The great musical water plays are back, the Grandes Eaux Musicales, again until October 28 on Saturdays and Sundays ,read more in French here  A cartoonist TINTIN book will be give free to all children attending this event. On the above webpage go to the bottom where a figure of tintin is like this Vous pouvez dès à présent le télécharger ici and you can download a copy.

if my readers find it difficult to read any French webpage let me know, its just that they offer more information than the translated pages. The great event will be June 30th  in the evening , call  Le Grand Bal Masqué , whre there will be a big dance on the traditional music of the times with costumes and facemasks, this is Saturday june 30th from midnight to the sunrise. Be there is magical.

you have many activities in music from concerts to opera, orchestras etc but this one should be a dandy I will try to be there, The 9th symphony of Beethoven or La 9éme Symphonie de Beethoven, at the terraces of the Chateau de Versailles on Friday July 13 just before our National Bastille day with the orchestra of Paris , Frankfurter Singakademie of Frankfurt, West Eastern Divan Orchestra all under the direction of Daniel Barenboim

No surprising back to Paris Le Figaro classified the best chocolate macaroons of Paris and the top 3 winners were  Jean-Paul Hévin (Ier), Carette (IVe) and Pierre Hermé (VIe). No surprise here, just Carette came in second but its my No 1 lol!!!

Go south to Dordogne the times are getting better and the region is sublime. Rocamadour is unique, 1,5 millions visitors per  year not bad for a small town huh!  The Gouffre de Padirac, 103 meters underground and 3 Elevators down to see beauty before your eyes, to stay and have a grand dinner with roasted pigeons come to La Terrasse at Meyronnec, the webpage is here ,and if you just want some drinks and crepes by the river and see the beauty all around you than head for Floirac,by the river Dordogne,and visit Le Pourquoi Pas , with 110 different beers on the carte!!! webpage here enjoy the south!

I will get to my foreign visit tomorrow. Until then have a wonderful weekend y’all. Cheers



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