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April 30, 2012

More of Paris ,why not, Paris ,Paris ….!

I am on my Labor Day holiday in my house in Versailles and meeting friends and business have taken me to Paris quite often. I am at home relaxing today, and preparing the trip back to Brittany tomorrow. Hopefully the news of all moving will come soon. I will be going to Bucharest, Romania from May 2-4 on business, so hopefully can take some photos of that little adventure…..

For now we will have Paris, always Paris, eternal Paris. Words cannot describe the beauty and attachement I have for the city, nor photos (nice for the compliments but I am not a good photographer). Each time is a lung of fresh air and medicine to go on to other venues, know them, appreciate them, even like them, but we will always have Paris.

I went on my day to the voie George Pompidou thru the porte de passy into Trocadero ,pont de l’Alma, ave George V, Champs-Elyssées, but this time I found me again free parking by the cours de la Reine along the Seine, and just behind the Grand Palais.

We walk past beautifully architecturally stunning rue Bayard into Place François I whre we saw the headquarters of YSL, and walk ave de montaigne along to rue George V, just glorious. The American Cathedral is under renovation the whole front entrance, webpage

The streets were full of tourists from all over in a nice sunny day, not cold,and glorious military event under the Arc de Triomphe, webpage at  . We stop by Virgin Megastore, a huge one, and my boys favorite to get some Ipods, and ruined me ::)

We had our coffee and croissants at the famously nice Fouquet’s,and more drinks at the virgin store cafe on third floor (second in France).

The passing by the fame Théatre champs-elysées where the top floor has a wonderful cafe and great views of Paris on ave montaigne, webpage  , the tower all over;;;;; the tunnel crossing on cours de la reine into the voie George Pompidou;

The open house tourist bus zigzagging Paris with tourist galore, and yes maybe one of you ::)  The wonderful Armenian church , main in Paris at Rue Jean Goujon, near the Seine and cours de la Reine, great architecture and of course great church for that denomination, official site

A bit down the road closer to the cours de la Reine and the Seine we have the church of Notre Dame de Consolation, a beautiful Catholic church in a great area to walk with the family. Official site

The statue monument to the Belgians and Reine Margot for the efforts of WW’s off cours Albert 1er and ave Montaigne. Another wonderful period spent in Paris.  Enjoy Paris always!.



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