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April 28, 2012

Paris 16 arrondissement and La Gare…friends.

Well today was a very special day indeed. I am back at home in Versailles,and had some friends coming over from Chicago USA. We discussed things in other travel forum and they were making a trip around cities in Europe. Of course, Paris had to be included.

We teamed up with some local friends, an American and a French lady, and with the couple from Chicago we had lunch at my suggested restaurant La Gare, Chaussée de la Muette , line 9, metro Muette in the 16 district or arrondissement of Paris.  It is no surprise to my readers as it is my fab resto in Paris, not only come here with family even for Sunday brunch but all visiting friends gets a taste of it lol!!! webpage

Needless to say the conversations were funny, witty, nice, friendly, and of course long…We had our lunch reservation for 13h or 1pm and we were there past 17h or 5pm!!! We almost had lunch with the staff as we were the last to leave ::)

I always find amazing the human spirit, that abounds yet not fully use today. How can total strangers from far away lands can intermingle on the internet, come to share views, and ideas, and eventually meet in a city such as Paris and most of all become friends. It is so wonderful indeed, and I am very lucky to have friends all over the world that once in a while get to meet like this,and to even more get to repeat meeting like this. OF the four attendants two were repeats of previous encounters in Paris.

I like to thanks the folks from Chicago for allowing their precious time in Paris to be share with me, just another guy from nearby Versailles now on its way to Auray, once my house is finally sold in June. We will cross again , indeed this is really a small world , my friends. Thanks for the memories and the time spend today, to each of you Frances,Cecile, Rich, and Sue.

Of course it was without saying that I needed to walk around this area, its a fantastic opportunity to see again the parc and jardin Ranelagh, with the wonderful statues, that of La Fontaine fable story, the children playground from a far time mine also played there, and the nice walk around the area even all the way to Trocadero and the Eiffel tower on the locals route.

At the end, I end up taking most to the champs-elysées passing on rue de Passy to Trocadero on the back side, then past the newly renovated Palais de Tokyo, into the quais along the river  past place de l’Alma,voie George Pompidou, cours de la Reine ,and into the place de la Concorde, turning around that beautiful plaza to head up the Champs-Elysées, dropping them off just before the Arch de Triomphe, and me continuing on to ave Foch and into the A13 direction Versailles/Rouen and my exit 5 chateau Versailles to come back home. Now nostalgia sets in of a wonderful afternoon.

Too bad it is just one afternoon, folks like these ,deserve more time ,maybe neighbors , at least friends for life. Thanks for the memories.

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