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April 20, 2012

My trip to the roots where all begun ,Cuba

Well this was a business trip with my company but took advantage to see the family still there and nostalgic moments in my life. It all began here for me many many years ago. My last trip there goes back to 1998 so this was a nice opportunity to go to La Habana, Cuba and others.

I took a long flight it seems endless from home in Brittany, went by car to Nantes airport; which you can change to English, at  following the road N165 all the way to exit D201 Nantes Atlantique signs about 1h30 minutes. Then took a regional Air France flight to Amsterdam,Holland, change there to KLM for the flight to La Habana about 10 hours !!! lol!!!  and finally arrive in Havana,

I stayed at a Casa Particular of by now my friend Rogelio in Playa, absolutely the best coffee in Cuba!!! The men can do it any time as many times as you want. Stories about Cuba abound from all periods;great company while in the house at calle 76 E 15 y 17 playa, Miramar La Habana near the business center of Miramar and the hotels. If you need accommodation I can pass on the telephone to contact the son Pedro Luis who is a terrific guy and my driver while in La Habana.

We went to eat at EL Palenque, the resto of the Convention palace nearby, great Cuban food, why bother with all those international places if in Cuba eat like a Cuban. Calle 17 y 190, Playa.. Ciudad de La Habana tel  (53 7) 203-8222 . We had not much time so I took a ride on the Malecon, went over to the old church of San Francisco de Asisi, the Morro ,Fuerza ,and Cabanas castles, we had business lunch at Restaurant 1830 at Calle Calzada esq. a 20, Vedado. Ciudad de La Habana tel(53 7) 55-3090-92 . There was a special treat at a casa paladar on a fifth floor of a house but could not remember the name as it was at night and friends rode me there, we had lobsters supreme with a view of the city.

From i went to my native town of Punta Brava, just in the borders of the city of La Habana, visiting family aunt and cousins, I ate at a typical Cuban casa paladar in pesos nacionales, a dish of roast pork,moros black beans,yucca,tostones in garlic sauce, salad of tomatos and lettuce, plus coffee and four beers for two persons at 10 CUC or about 260 Cuban Pesos Nacionales. Just in Calzada before turning left to Guatao, the old Carretera Nacional.

I went further inland to visit another aunt and cousins at Cayo La Rosa, off Bauta, this was a huge textile plant of 5000 workers done by Americans now in ruins. The village have not change much, and took a ride with my cousin in an electric moto on the town ,crazy but a great and cheap means of transportation there now.  And proud of myself was able to take my local driver there as he did not know how,and I did with 14 years span of memory lol!

of course in each visit i ate with the family and reminicents of the old days, telling me what a nice guy I was …………………..::)

Finally, it was time to come back again, and took my flight from La Habana Jose Marti International airport, very easily, this time in route to Paris CDG, on Air France. The plane was full and cheapy company me had economyclass but was bump up to Business Class ,and it shows the difference, very nice flight of 9 hours to Paris CDG. There change again on AF to Nantes, and took my car from the airport parking for the trip home after paying 54 euros of parking fees. Cheaper than renting a car lol!

I hope it wont the last trip like this, and will say that even if the system is the same, the faces of the buildings have improved from last trip, and I look forward to the future when all can have a pleasant place to visit with family and no life’s inconveniences. Some photos.

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