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April 11, 2012

Some news from France LXVII

Hello this is the midweek interlude of things to tell and whisper. France is on the move and so am I.

Accor just announced will opened 45 hotels in India from now to 2015 to become the first foreign hotel operator there, read in French at my favorite Le Figaro,

The Galerie Lafayette again goes thru a renovation period to make them prettier, if like they are not already lol!! My favorite, I am a customer and online newsletter from them.  They are going to invest 800 millions Euros over five years. The objective is to give more space to the big brands on the lines of bags, shoes, watches and jewerly. The «shop in shop» Vuitton, Cartier , and Chanel  will be in two floors with each its own private stairs. The lines ready to wear or prêt-à-porter women, now on five levels will be regroup in three levels ,the lines of records cd will close and the spaces left for cosmetics and toys will be reduce. However, the fifth floor will be entirely dedicated to children clothing.  The tourist in force here, they account for  60 % of sales at the store at blvd Haussmann. The renovations will allow to double the area for welcoming tourists with three spaces dedicated to them. One for the Japanese, and Americans on the basement or sous-sol, another to the Chinese at street level or rez-de chaussée, and the last one especially for Brazilians that are up and coming force of tourism here. All in French again at the fabulous Le Figaro,

Same source, the best sandwiches in Paris, nice to know for those on the budget coming to the city of LIghts, not all but some of my favorites for a lunch on the run are  Le Petit Vendôme, 8, rue des Capucines, IIe. Tél.: 01 42 61 05 88. open everyday except Saturdays and Sundays  sandwichs between  4 and 6 €. webpage from my French resto avis or tips which I have as a link here on my blog below page,*

L’Avant Comptoir , 3, carrefour de l’Odéon, VIe. Tél.: 01 44 27 07 97. open everyday from 12h-23h. menu  6-8 € (sandwich + drink). One of my favorite places in Paris for just more than a sandwich, webpage

Cosi, 54, rue de Seine, VIe. Tél.: 01 46 33 35 36. open everyday from  12h-23h. menu at 10 €. Sandwich at 6,50 € and a nice bench by Jardin du Luxembourg lol!. Flottes and Go 2, rue Cambon, Ier. Tél.: 01 42 60 00 84. open everyday  Formule:about. 17,40 € with the plat du jour + 1 dessert + 1 drink.CARTE: env. 10 €. Sandwichs from 5,50 € (le Parisien) to the great Cocorico at  8,50 €  part of the empire Flottes all good, webpage

Then some events coming up are Bob Dylan, l’explosion rock,Musée de La Musique  ,to July 1st 2012.From Tuesdays to Saturdays from 12h-18h,and Sundays from 10h-18h.webpage

And ,Chick Corea & Gary Burton, great combi piano and vibraphone at Salle Pleyel, the 17 of April 2012, webpage

Dont forget the best market flea or no flea in the world ,the marchés aux puces de St Ouen, webpage with the renovated and vibrants Paul-Bert (founded in 1945, 250 stands, dedicated to a mixing of styles from the 19 and 20 centuries, and the  Serpette (open in 1977, 150 stands), occupied by the antiquearies or antique shops, with a new resto Ma Puce with deco by Philippe Starck , a cantine chic and branché with 300 seats, and half in the terrace.

Closing with a nice webpage on what was Paris at the time of Philippe Auguste circa 1200 lol it was still beautiful, ::) in French of course, but you can read portions of it and then have google or other site translated for you. Sorry but its long.

This just in so no need to wait for another post, the Lenotre at Champs-Elysées fully renovated and enchanting as always, at the Pavillon Elysées done in 1900 for the Universal Expo.. Also great for reception and business meetings ,this is whre I have been in, great, webpage



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