Some news from France LXVI

Well here I am preparing the gang to go back to Versailles/Paris this weekend of Easter. We will leave tom night after my work day is over.

In the meantime, here are some updates on things happening in Parisland.

The latest film of Alain Chabat  « Sur les traces du Marsupilami. » or in the paths of Marsupilami, were done in the botanical gardens of Conflans-Saint-Honorine!! This trim trees gardens from the 10C in an isolated place match exactly those of the château du parc du Prieuré.

Another secret coming out with new traces, the death of painter Vincent Van Gogh, really killed himself n the wheat fields around Anvers on July 27  1890? Alain Rohan,the VP of the tourist office of Auvers-sur-Oise just wrote a book after 3 years of study on the subject.  This is right after Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith,two Americans who developed the thesis that a firearm was shot accidentally and killed the painter where the brothers Secrétan were involved. Counting on the fact that the weapon was never found.  Its not easy to prove that the revolver has been found, but this is left to the reader to decide in the new book by Rohan.

Then the National Library of Paris is finally going to be open to the public online! Almost a million books on the 15 millions available that the  Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF), all this thanks to a project in numeration done under the name of  Dem@t-Factory and financially supported by the conseil régional d’Ile-de-France, and other general councils such as those of Seine-et-Marne as well as the region Cap Digital.

This is gathered from Le Parisien ,the local Paris newspaper who is a wealth of local information in French.  of which I am subscribe at home.

Recently I have read and been ask, many people asking for nightlife in Paris,well it has been a while for me, but having 3 high teens to low 20 kids boys, I am gathering very good update information. Some of these places change with the time and the mode, but in essence it offer all the same. Here are some making extra noise lately

Le Nano ,12, rue Sainte-Anne (75002). L’Inconnu17, rue de Mazagran (75010 ), Le Scarlette,24, rue Vavin (V75006) ,Le Ballroom du Beef Club,52, rue Jean-Jacques- Rousseau (75001), Le BC (previous BlackCalvados in my times) ,25, avenue Pierre-Ier-de-Serbie (75016) , La Bellevilloise 19–21, rue Boyer, (75020), Le Piano Vache 8, rue Laplace,(75005), Le  Fanfaron 6, rue de la Main d’Or, (75011) ,and one my boys have gone lately is rock n  roll Circus, by Pigalle ::) I am sure you can find the webpages.

And last but not least,while in Paris see something unique, perhaps for those seeking something new, and magical and historical in Maxim’s by Pierre Cardin museum and cabaret, 3 Rue Royale, just of the place de la Concorde, webpage

A bientôt sur Paris,::)



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