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March 31, 2012

A city by the canal, Vannes

Yes lots of old narrow cobblestones streets, gorgeous wooden houses, great Cathedral, wonderful old castle ruins and beautiful ramparts, not to mention great Breton food. But the main reason people come to this place, is the canal. Its the happening place in Vannes.

Today as I was walking about searching to eat,on the city where I work, visiting amazing hehehe.. I saw tents about promoting the agglo metro area of Vannes and encouraging businesses to relocate here. Which I second is not a bad idea, work performance will improve surrounded by such beautiful way of life. The city tourist office official webpage is at

One of the secrets of the city, is the parc Kérino. This is a walkers park, sitting on a butte or hill overlooking the last stretch before the canal opens up to the gulf passenger boat terminal. There is a bridge and tunnel to be built here to alliviate traffic of boats and people crossing the canal. Here you have great views over the bay,gulf and city, as well as a wonderful cross calvary of Kérino; you can go crossing the canal into the area of the naval builder Le Pennec or from the city at rue Kerviler.  On the cross, there is a Christ surrounded by Saint Vincent and Sain Patern, attached by a log where you see the arms of the city of Vannes (hermite stout,symbol of Brittany done with a crown of 3 towers, symbol of the fortified city of Vannes). Behind the cross, you see the Virgen with the Enfant Jesus. This monument was done by cisseling the stones by sculptor  Yves Hernot de Lannion , and was erected in 1913  in memory of the renewing missions of the eucharism of 1906, and  1910 to which that of 2004 was added.

We did ate at the Capitanerie building or Marina Captain’s office, on top there is a cafe resto, à l’Aise Breizh Café, lovely place, great enthusiastic service, nice to see the harbor and city from above,gorgeous terrace, the prices are good, and the food terrific, we had Breizh burgers ,huge ones, with fries, banana splits, and plougastel ice cream and strawberry sauce, a bottle of Provençal rosé wine, and table water for 63 € for 3.  Also at Brest, here is the webpage in French, local and good,

They ,also, carry a line of Breton clothing, for the house, tables, souvenirs, decorations etc etc,  very good for the entire family at reasonable prices,one to come back too lol!!!  have webpage in directions, near the covered market and cathedral in city center Vannes,   if you go top to Boutik en ligne will bring you to the store section and you can see what they have.

We still looking around our new surrounding, so much to see in the Morbihan department not to mention the region of Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh will be a long tour…. Of course we ended our day at the FNAC store for DVD, tapes,and video games as usual.  Cheers to all and have a wonderful rest of weekend.

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