Nostalgic Madrid, to heaven and a hole on the sky to look down on it every day!

Yes; something I need to write about. I lived in Madrid from 1970-1974, there other times other periods, harder times for all. However, my love for the city has not waned n all this year. I am an appreciated person, and remember kindly all the good times of my life. Madrid is part of it.

When a young boy I had the inmense luck of playing for the Real Madrid organisation, first in baseball then in football/soccer. Real Madrid has remained my team of my life, Hala Madrid to all!!!

I used to lived at Calle Alcala ,331; 2do A, buzon 67 Madrid, right by the exit of metro line 5 Quintana corner with Argentina. Many memories too intense to write all about it. I came from one dictatorship to another, and it was tough. We were dissidents in both right or left, they are not good.

While there, to go play baseball we went to the field at the Parque de la Elipa, no metro then, just by bus, the P13, it was a glorious ride of youth chasing the girls going to the park as a means of entertainement in those days.

I left Madrid for the USA , where I spent most of my life. After many years, I try to remember the bus line and had in my mind the P13. However, Madrid and Spain had change ,for the better. The bus line was no longer there,and could not find it. Then ,yesterday trying to find information on the general strike in the city tomorrow i stumbled into a wiki page that talk about a bus line 113. Well to my surprise this bus line 113 is the new number for the P13 after the creation of the Madrid bus system EMT!!! wikipedia page

And then went on to the official EMT webpage,

It is amazing that I found it, after so many years, now that I know the numbers change, maybe I can have some fun looking up old bus lines while I was living there lol!! The P13 was nice, now the service of the 113 is even larger, and there is even a metro Elipa now there.

So glad Elipa is advancing, and glad the old P13 is still alive in the 113. Madrid to heavens and a hole in the sky to look down on it every day! Hala Madrid!! We won in Europa ,we should be easily in the semifinals of the Champions league and still in first place in the Liga by 6 points, ye ye ye!!


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