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March 24, 2012

Some news from France LXIV

Here we are another weekend, and the start of spring, great period. The weather has change, we have sunshine all over, up to 24C! and expecting 21C for tomorrow and sunny again. We change the time tonite, advance one hour to our clocks, so make sure you are in tune or miss your date ::)

I am home, still can call it home at Versailles, we went by Saint Germain en Laye today, its great to see the neighborhood lol!!! I guess the spring weather took people out, it was full, we park at the chateau at level -4 today, lowest ever.

In the news from this weekend, the Tour Montparnasse in Paris will be in lights, a first. Each day at sunset, the tower of 210 meters high will be illuminated. With a system that will save energy when turn on,  972  leaded rulers will be put in each floor and 58 projectors at the last floor will cover the coverage of lights.

To celebrate the passage of the new time ,one hour ahead ,the ice cream brand Miko will have a bath in the river Seine by choosing 100 persons at 9h15 tom to go into the water!! between the Port d’Iena and the Port du Suffren. So go tomorrow MArch 25 at 9h15 to do this, if you are around and time is ok as was a bit late in telling you about it,sorry.Métro : Bir-Hakeim or Trocadéro.

The world wine consumption is rising, YES! and France is on top…YES!!  An increase over last year of 0,7%, with  241,9 millions hectoliters (Mhl). Help by sales to Chinese and Americans. In France the consumption is at 47,4 hl and we take the estimate on tourists consumption ,the locals stays at about 40 hl per person. The consumption in FRance increase by 3,5% last year. The nearest competitor remains Italy. While in Champagne and cognac, the main French market remains the United States.

You have a site the Maison de l’Histoire de France that you can see 1000 sites interactives of the history of France, great!

Just to show you today Nice and the Savoy became French!

A great expo on Toulouse-Lautrec in Albi, where the family gave most of his work to a museum near the Cathedrale de Sainte Cecile, and it is now put together a great exhibition on him thanks to loans from the musée d’Orsay, to see asap.

New and artsy place at 13, rue Tiquetonne 2éme is the Art Room, very nice black walls, and very hypnotic place with DJ in second floor, need to try it.Its good,different in Paris.  Just behind Tour Jean Sans Peur, Metro Etienne Martel

The low flyer Corsairfly part of TUI France now has a new name, Corsair International, great direct flights from Paris Orly to the Americas especially a nice one to Miami FLA USA.  Also, Iberia Express is officially on for low cost flights from Spain.  First flights Madrid -Alicante, .  New one from my new base at Nantes, Volotea, Spanish low carrier ,  14 destinations :  France, Corsica, Biarritz (link to Lille as well), Metz-Nancy, Perpignan and Toulon. Rest of Europe to Ibiza, Milan Orio al Serio (near Bergamo), Minorca, Munich, Olbia, Palma de Mallorca, Prague and  Valencia. webpage

Now that Spring is back, my favorites Paris gardens are Parc Monceau, Jardin du Luxembourg,les Buttes Chaumont,Jardin des tuileries, Jardin des Invalides, and the Parc Montsouris.  Enjoy them with moderation ::)

At the Chateau de Versailles, the Portuguese artist born in Paris Joana Vasconcelos, will be the invited guest to show her sculptures ,some produce exclusively for the occasion.  Expo shown to public from June to September 2012. Then see the ladies that lived in the Trianons, from July 3 to October 7 2012 at the Grand Trianon. Lastly jog down the date not to missed the story of Madame ELizabeth (sister of king Louis XVI, also beheaded).  It will be at the maison de Madame Elizabeth and the Orangerie of the Domaine de Montreuil, showing the life styles of the Princess thru furnitures, and objects that accompany her during her time.  Also, her story from birth to death thur a selection of paintings, graphic arts, objects d’arts coming up in 2013, see more of her . I have visited several times and I am an amateur of her life,and trials, very sad story of a revolution that was not fair to all.A must to see; in the meantime you can stop by her house or maison at 73 Avenue de Paris, about a km from the Chateau on foot.  More from the Versailles tourist office,

Have a great weekend.


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