Paris, again, a marvel , a state of mind…

Well I was today in the area so of course could not miss the chance to stop by Paris,besides my annual gastronomy and wine place was taken place by the Tour Eiffel.

We arrive last night from Auray, Brittany, and this morning we set out for Paris early. There is an event I have been participating for 8 years already and the merchants are now my friends, they recognise on the spot, which is nice ::)

This is the event at the Maxim’s peniche by port de Suffren ,Tel +33  01 44 18 96 96. Métro Bir-hakeim -private free parking by the quais. Almost every year the dates are the same maybe a day or two difference, March 16 -18  2012 Fridays  11h-22h, Saturdays  10h- 21h, and Sundays  10h -19h. Here is the webpage with all merchants participating

If you like gourmet, good wines, and be with the producers themselves this is the event in Paris, hear it here first, its a small event, better to come in the mornings early afternoon, the evenings is full, parking and boat lol!!!

We then did our usual drive and walk scenes of Paris, by Pl de la Concorde, Grand Palais,Champs-Elysées,George V, and the American Church going renovation there, the place de l’Alma, of course the Eiffel tower area cruising by it, and a shot from under Port de Suffren as well as the Palais Chaillot compound of wonderful museums.

We  saw the wonderful Bateaux Mouches going by on the Seine, just for the memories: Bir-Hakeim bridge over the Seine, and from port de Suffren the pont d’iena, and the Maxim’s peniche bien sur. All was a wonderful day ,and plenty of money spent on goodies like Bessant chocolates and touraine amboise white and red wines,as well as foie gras, terrines,and duck ham from the SW or sud ouest of France near Auch. We are set………………

I will be leaving tomorrow with the gang back to Brittany, and then come back next weekend again lol!! The road warrior, watch out speed traps I know where you ara lol!! Then ,will be ready for the school vacation in April 13 and will be back here. All while my house in Versailles is closed, estimate time by June 2012. Then we will see how can I manage with business and friends to be back into the area as a Breton ::)

Enjoy the photos, Cheers and have a wonderful rest of weekend.

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