Stories of Versailles, the Hameau

I am trying to find  photos, maybe not enough, its not easy to take photos of the place you have lived for 8 years. My house is sold, closing final will be in the next couple of months, and nostalgia sets in. It has been great, wonderful , fulfilling experience in the royal city,necessaries of life,and job makes one move ,sometimes. In the next few days,week maybe, I will write about Versailles from the heart. I will always have Versailles, my city. Come along and maybe you will feel it too.

The Hameau of Marie Antoinette is nice, secluded simple, country, and spent many many times walking around it, just looking at its history. The history very much better explained is here officially

I will tell you about the Balcon de la Reine or the balcony of the Queen, this is where she play, big windows, open into the country, still has the same feel. She put in here her friend, princess de Lamballe to throw away the Countess of Noailles, who she dislike as been too strict.  The Queen ask that nobody gets up when she entered a room,as she did not want to be reminder of her rang, she wanted to be comun, simple. There was the heating element in the house to keep the temperarature when in 1783 she ask to do the Hameau, the heating elements was demanded.

Outside we have long alleys aligned with fruit trees, grapeyards ,and fields grown with wheat, orge,petit pois, etc, a bit far it was a farm done in 1785, just by the ave de Versailles far from the main compound of the Hameau, best to do all this entering by the Porte Saint Antoine.

You have the milk barn or Laiterie , where we tasted the dairy products, the Queen was served in porcelain vases from the factory of the rue Thiroux in Paris. Even while imprisonement in the Tuileries in 1789 she still continues to received the butter from the farm. Here the majority of decorative elements are from the 19C , the original done by Le Prince in 1786 has disappeared.  The dairy farm was recontruct in 1811.

You get to see the wonderful  Tour de la Pêcherie or known as Tour Marlborough built in 1783, around small lakes of carps where the fishing gears of the royal family were kept. The likes to sing a song by Beaumarchais, inventing a reference to duke de Marlborough or John Churchill wounded in the battle of Malplaquet in 1709, in the war of succession of Spain.

You reach the romantic temple de l’Amour, in the middle of an English garden, having a pressure water cave. This is where she took refuge and tranquility perhaps to mourn the death of two of her four children, Sophie Béatrice in 1787 at age 11, and the dauphin Louis Joseph in 1789 at the age of 7 due to tuberculosis.

The Hameau and Versailles, Versailles and Marie Antoinette, Versailles royal town of France. Cheers

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