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March 11, 2012

My travels in the Morbihan of Bretagne !

Another weekend in wonderful Morbihan, and yesterday we left early to do many things in a car swirl tour of the area,and our errands. Today I am relaxing home while the boys are at the movies seeing John Carter at Cineville,Vannes.

Saturday we started early, one of my boys will be in the Auray junion rugby team so he went by the club to sign up and turn in official papers, to be an official player trainee. Then we did our groceries at Leclerc hypermarché in Vannes, got him his outfit for rugby at Decathlon ,Vannes, and drop all off at the apartment I rent here. For reminder the Auray tourist site,

We then set out to see the wonderful area ,first another stop at Lorient, to check out the action and FNAC lol!!! They ruined me…. The town was a lot more lively than the first time we visited, it seems the weather has something to do with it,lots of youth was out on the pedestrian street rue du port,and pl aristide briand. In all a much better experience. For reminder ,the webpage of Lorient tourism ,

Then, we move on to something new, I love the various port,harbor or beach areas around here, its a seaman paradise, and wanted to check out Lamor Plage and Lamor-Baden. We went all the way to the beach, lovely area, quiet as not the season, but the views are magnificent and cant wait to check out in summer, especially the views over to Port Louis across the bay just gorgeous. We had some shopping in city center, and head back to our area. One beautiful place to visit here is the church Notre Dame de la Clarté, from the 6C with a tower from 1666. A beautiful history of houses along the beach that were once the HQ of the nazis military commander,later the French marine, and now some back to original owners and others still the resident of the commander of the French navy base in Lorient.  see city webpage here

Before arriving home, we did stop again by Vannes,where we had a nice Mexican’s meal by the hotel de ville in Vannes, the food was good if the fajitas were missing some tortillas, and the price a bit overprice, but for tex-mex in France it was good. The ambiance was terrific, and lots of beautiful people inside, a perfect way to come back for happy hourlol! It is at place de l’hotel de ville, side of the city govt building ,cant missed it or off rue Thiers.The place is name Mexican’s tex-mex ::) For reminder, the site for Vannes tourism,

We will see what other nook and crannies in the Morbihan,Bretagne or France awaits me, but it looks like South Africa will be next month lol! Cheers and have a great remaining of the weekend.

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