Stories of Line 11, Metro de Paris

After having worked in Paris, and living nearby for 8 years, I am amaze at the number of people coming from places where there is no subway.metro:tube and gladly jump in into the Paris metroand rave about it back home. Like it was a tourist attractions; well I like to tell some historical stories of the Paris metro, (check back in the blog for some other stories written before). I will try to write a bit on each line ,sort of like an historical anecdote rather than photos, maybe one if can find it. The story is the important thing here.

Paris has 14 metro lines so far, and it was not the first one to have one. It all started with the idea of hosting the Universal Expo of 1900, so to be ready work on the metro began in 1897. Tonite I will talk about line 11 of the Metro de Paris.

This line is totally underground, and is 6,2 kms long, being the shortest line. Also,none of its stations have change name since its beginning in 1935. It goes from Chatelet to Marie des Lilas. The station Telegraphe is cement reinforce of more than 20 meters deep, from 1944-45 it was under direct control of the Nazis. The line 11 was the first metro line in the world to have pneumatics material done so in 1956. Today it is schedule to be enlarge towards the East, work to begun in 2013 and continue to 2019.

I start my trip at Place des Fêtes, opened in 1911, in honor of the festivities of the village of Belleville, . Here you have the wonderful Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, done in 1867, wished for by Napoleon III, and in it great gymsun stone that was even shipped tot he United States. This is why the area is call the district of the Americas.main entrance at 1 rue Botzaris. At the angle of rue Compans, and rue Augustin Thierry, an overlook site dates from 1583! one of the vestiges of numerous aqueducts that drained the waters of Belleville since the 12C, walking along rue de Mouzia, you see wonderful flowery homes popular of homes from the 1840’s.  The best here for a drink and meal is the Le Voyageur, 138 ave Parmentier, and the Rosa Bonheur,2 allée de la Cascade, you danse and drink at the place of a popular painter from the second half of the 19C.

We arrive at Porte de Lilas, Here inmortalised by songs of Gainsbourgn, and the scene of several movies such as the Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, Elle a fait un bébé tout seule, etc. You see the Cimintiere de Belleville, at 40 rue du Telégraphe, a cementary , the telegraphe optique was practice here from 1790-1798. You have the wonderful pool of Piscine Georges-Vallerey, 148 ave Gambetta, built for the occasion of the 1924 Olympic Games, where Johnny Weissmuller, the future Tarzan ,got the record in the 400 meters freestyle.At the Church of Notre Dame -des-Otages,81 rue Haxo, see the trace of the assassination of 52 national guards in 1871 at rue du Borrego.

Not much else to tell on this line, other belongs more in other lines so very short. However, good to mention it if doing a bit of my favorites stops,and direct link to them of all 14.

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