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March 10, 2012

Some news from France LXIII

Well another time to update on my readings and goings about Paris,and France in general. its a never ending story I promise….

Well from newspaper Le Parisien, last I wrote that the Virgin megastore in the Champs-Elysées was to closed; however, the business and economy magazine La Tribune just came out saying it is not so. I tend to believe most the business people ::) the Store is too much of a winner for them in France. Several restructuring and the opening of a new store at the Gare St Lazare by March 21th!!! (great), It did close the store in the carrousel du Louvre ,and another one in Metz, the story in French is here   ance/services/distribution/20120302trib000685991/virgin-veut-garder-la-clef-des-champs.html

In other my favorite hypermarché is beating all others in France, Auchan is No 1, the industry publication Lineaires  show in French here  And my favorites stores, the one close to me at Vélizy is No 1 in France, and the other on way to Normandie at Mantes-la-Jolie is at No 27, and we have, also been at the centre comerciale at La Defense which is No 23. Total placing 50 stores in the Top 100 with 13 stores in green vs zero for the nearest competitor Carrefour.

The very good and famous Lenôtre will start an Asian week from March 13-26, delicacies with an Asian twist, divine I say. Even before it is on their webpage lol!!! My store is this one, LENÔTRE Parly 2 Centre commercial Parly 2 78150 Le Chesnay ,Téléphone +33 01 39 54 17 97 Open Mondays-Fridays from 9h-21h, and Saturdays from 9h-20h. webpage

There was a fire in the underground parking at Place Vendome, and it cause great clouds of smoke in the area, yesterday at afternoon, the alarm was given by 15h30 at the Niveau 5 or level 5 at the parking run by Vinci.  There were about 40 cars burned and the parking continues closed today. I always wondered what would happened if something was to come, mind mind, hopefully is not one of parking spots in Paris but it can be scary. I do have multirisk full coverage insurance. In French here,—-560520@1  and see the vidoe the video.

Versailles has a great perfums museum, with samples dating back to Napoleon, but can only see by previous appointment so its not well known, this is it, you can contact for visits here ,and yes it is call the Osmothéque, read more here,  Now there is a new place where great perfumers will be present in Versailles, ones you can buy and see right away, the Maison Fabre and the parfumeur Diptyque sign on to arrive at the Cour des Senteurs. The place is already full, and dedicated tot he art of perfurmerie ,will be open in the Spring of 2013. They will join Guerlain, and the sweet, food maker Lenôtre already there just about 100 meters from the entrance to the château de Versailles at rue de la Chancellerie. Here is the article in French ,—-560520@1  It is ,also, in the city of Versailles, with a bit of history of what was the location from the times of Louis XIV, in French,

And ,since this is ,also, a blog to talk about football/soccer, I will just say the next European Championships for Poland/Ukraine next June 8th,  2012 will be on its way to Spain ,again….Aupa España !!! and may my Real Madrid players shine lol!!!

And last but not least, until September 2012, Louis Vuitton is having a wonderful expo of its magnificent history of 158 years at the museum of decorative arts or Musée des Arts Decoratifs.107 rue de Rivoli at the Louvre complex, webpage

Last minute news, at last, the carriages and personal items left behind by Napoleon I in Waterloo, and after taken by the Prussians, it was taken by the Soviets upon entering Germany in WWII and took there, never return it. Now under an agreement of not claiming possession of it, the Russians are allowing these items to be shown in France for the first time since Waterloo lol!!! (not claiming is a compromise lol!) , It will be expose at the Musée de la Légion d’Honneur, parvis du Musée d’Orsay, Paris 7éme. Until July 8th 2012.

Well dont want to leave for next time, so now I gather the marchés or markets in Paris are beginning to give free cooking lessons, of course in French ,until October 2012. The city of Paris site with the markets in question is here

Cheers and have a great weekend, I have more to show, will try to do tomorrow. Take care y’all ::)


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