Some news from France LXII

Well its getting closer to the weekend, and have some news from Le Figaro and Le Parisien newspapers like to share as it pertains to travel news.

First, this years fireworks at the Chateau de Chantilly will be cancel due to lack of financial support from the company that do the effects, it owed money !!! . In French—-560520@1

Too bad when an event of this magnitude is given out to private companies without the support of local govt,if company goes bust, the event is cancelled, when it is a major tourist attraction for the castle, go figure it.

Another point is the Bercy Village at Paris, some of the stores there having financial difficulties have left, and now the place is getting a second chance with new restaurants and the promise of coming of FNAC, in French—-560520@1

Some of the new arrivals are boulanger Eric Kayser with it famous bakery/Pastries open a store at 41, cour Saint-Emilion, a few steps away at No 47, you have the former chef pastry maker of Fauchon , Christian Adam,open a boutique of snacking chic. Two new stores took refuge in the private alley, Factory & Co  at No  23, where you can have American style burgers, bagels,and cheesecakes. At No 55 , Casa del Campo,  with a Hispanic ambiance, and already my favorite place by Pl de la Republique is opening an outlet here, superb. IN the middle of all these, the maison Dammann showcase its beauties at No 39, and Boco  already by Opera now schedule for Spring opening.

The FNAC should open this summer and the whole Bercy Village hopes to attract 15Millon visitors per year.

One of the beautiful profession in France, and especially Paris is that of the Concierge, the famouse character that arranges all the good stuff for you in top hotels all over. Well to be in the top top you need to be in the Clef d’or or Golden Keys org,and this is their official site, you can also visit them in Paris at 12 rue Cambon,

Sting will be in concert in Paris from  March 13-14 at the Zenith,

Here is his site,

You can see Degas and the nude at Musée d’Orsay[tt_news]=30632&no_cache=1 from now until July 2012.

And one of my favorite, at my still home of Versailles, is the Musée Lambinet, with all the history of Versailles in it, showcasing now until April 22 ,all the heritage sites of the Cité royale with an spectacular angle, sublime,and give rise to dreams and fantasy mixing with reality. Looks cool. webpage at the tourist office of Versailles official page,

New showcase resto at the new Hotel W by Opéra quartier, is Arola ,Hôtel W Paris Opéra. 4, rue Meyerbeer,9éme. Tél.+33 01 77 48 94 every day  Métro: Opéra. webpageôtel%20paris_02/08/12

New high up restaurant to see the roofstops of Paris is at the LA Vue or the view inside Hotel Concorde La Fayette 3, place du Général Koenig (17éme). Tél.+33 01 40 68 51 31. webpage

And dont forget to visit the Marché des Enfants Rouge,the oldest Parisien market, the most chic/bobo at the heart of the 3éme arrondissement or neighborhood.  See the Pain at 39 rue de Bretagne, delicious big sandwiches…Traiteur or food maker from Morocco, Lebanon, Antilles,great wine merchant in Versants Vins, and the great L’Estaminet des Enfants Rouges  39, rue de Bretagne, Tél.+33 01 42 72 28 12. open every day except Mondays from 9 h to 20 h (Sundays until 15 h) webpage  glorius need to try it.

My next event in Paris will be by the Concorde Opera hotel next to Gare St lazare end of next month, see the place of my meetings here If n town we you me are welcome to have a drink. Until next time, cheers and happy travels.

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