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March 6, 2012

Some foggy day in Auray

Well it was foggy, eerie even, sort of the kind of nights you wish you be out with a nice lady, well poor me, but not so bad I went out with my boys, we had our usual meal, and then walk a bit around our city at night, when all souls go to sleep early.

Its the biggest change from Versailles, here most closed by 19h some supermarkets to 21h, and the roads are empty, no need to walk in city center, all is closed. So going out is to eat at a creperie or resto or stay home during the week; waiting for the elusive weekend. At least my house is under contract in Versailles so soon the whole family will be here, including my women lol!

And of course the place to be in Auray is at Saint Goustan, we all the renovation construction going on, its still the place to be at night. The place will be superb if the look at the stones they are using will give the same final look. Very nice indeed.

Some outside information on this wonderful river ria port of Saint Goustan, already famous from middle ages, and the place where Benjamin Franklin landed in 1776 to ask help for a new nation the USA to France the world power at the time.

In English although the French version offers more info.

in French with pictures of businesses and info;

The official site of the city of Auray, with info on St Goustan,in French

The official site of the region of Brittany, in English,

Well you get the idea,its a wonderful new place, still discovering new things, like today,went to pick up my pants, lol!!! somehow bought a size too large, I am getting in shape too::::) well the lady was sick closed shop open again thursday ,another trip to city center or downtown…Now home waiting for pizza delivery and grimbergen beer, anyone? Cheers




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