Paris and the Oscar, we won

Well France is in a party mood as The Artist won the Oscar, and now  Jean Dujardin  is all over. This is more remarkable because of a silent movie type. Unbelievable that in these days, a silent movie can win the Oscar, when you consider all the high-tech gadgets around us.

It tells us that there is a genuine desire to go back to gentler times, more humane, and less robotics, for that I welcome the winner as an example for the future. The movie gathered five Oscars all together and a magnificent show of force, persevarance, and great artistic movie making. The Artist will be an icon for years to come.

Just to show some of the areas of Paris that are a favorite hangout of Jean Dujardin according to the Le Figaro.  As a child he spent 10 years in my neighborhood or close by town of Plaisir, where there is now a huge shopping center area, here, he ,also took the first course of impro stand alone comedy at age 16, and frequented the Castle or Château de Plaisir, 282, rue de la Bretechelle, tél.:+33  01 30 54 63 14. the shopping I am talking about is at

He,also enjoy in Paris the Jardin des Plantes at 57 rue Cuvier, and webpage .  He did his debut in 1996 with the Bande du Carré Blanc at the theater-cafe at Le Carré blanc, 44 rue Fontaine ; it closed and now it is rename the  Nous C Nous. His favorite hotel in town was the Park Hyatt Vendome , at 5 rue de la paix, webpage

He enjoy do the jogging in the morning by the quais of the Seine, and enter the church early morning to avoid crowds such as the Cathedral de Notre Dame. He loves to go to the movies at UGC Lyon-Bastille, 12 rue de Lyon, webpage  He enjoys eating at Dérriere ,69 rue de Gravilliers, webpage

All his professional endeavors are celebrated at Le Bastille, 8 pl de la Bastille, from the time of  his success with OSS117 (seen last nite by the family on TV) . Another where a shot from OSS117 was done with a blanquette dish is the Auberge Pyrénées Cévennes ,106, rue de la Folie Méricourt, tel +33 01 43 57 33 78.  One of my favorite places for theater plays is also one of his favorites places in Paris, Théatre Edouard VII, 10 pl Edouard VII, webpage

And on something extra, one of my all time favorite places in Paris since my arrival in the city back in 2003 to live permanently, is L’Alcazar, 62, rue Mazarine, now is the center of the popular TV show in France Top Chef. webpage

And, last but not least, in my new area of Vannes, Morbihan, Bretagne, we have a one star Michelin restaurant just crowned after only 10 months open!!! LA Gourmandiére, talk about good, and one reason for me to try it. Here is the webpage in case someone wants to beat me to it.

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