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February 26, 2012

A walking ride to my two new loves ,Auray and Vannes.

Now that my family is with me, first weekend, it went nice and cozy. Not easy to have all together with my job ,and still waiting for our house to close in Versailles. In the meantime, we wonder again to our favorite towns, Auray ,where I now have an apartment, and Vannes where I work and is the center of government for my new department ,Morbihan No 56.

First, we set out last night to eat after arrival, and took them to our favorite place, Creperie St Sauveur at St Goustan in Auray. The place was packed with locals,but we had our table as usual, and as usual great friendly service and great meal. We set out to walk its cobblestone steep streets, and visit the two symbols of this district, the chapelle Notre-Dame de Lourdes and the Eglise de St Sauveur now closed.

Today, we drop off our boys in the cineville cinema for them to watch Chronicle movie, and we set out to Vannes, walking Le Port area and its cobblestone streets and the wonderful wooden houses, we then pick up the boys and went to eat at our favorite there the pub pizzeria CatWay by Le Port area.  We did enter the museum of Le Cohue, historical place here, now the Beaux Arts of fine arts museum more info in French here

If want to read more see the Vannes city webpage in English

We then came back home to have some hot coffee ,watch tv, play video games, and be ready for the week of work and school. The rest will do their travels with local public transport, done before,and now one more time. My travel now will depend on the job requirements,and the closing sale of our house. Until our next encounter in the blogging world, and hopefully the rest of the family and friends can see the entries. Cheers


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