Encore Paris, never enough of Paris….

Well Paris has just been name the world’s best university town !!lol!!! And here is the webpage to prove it ::)  http://www.topuniversities.com/student-life/best-student-cities/2012/

I knew it had a good student numbers, sometimes restricted by the hours and the public transport system, and sometimes by noise laws going back to Lutétia; but it is lively,and this report proves it.

Good timing because I just came back to lovely Paris, another day of meetings but enough time to wander around my beautiful city. All along the Champs-Elysées, and Grand Palais, the Théatre du Rond Point with its panorama architectural building, just great, webpage http://www.theatredurondpoint.fr/ ,and the wonderful Church St Joseph, the center of American Catholics in France at ave Hoche, then the beautiful magnificent parc Monceau , this is the page from the city of Paris mayor’s office, in French, usually more info than the English version, and you can translated online; http://parcsetjardins.equipement.paris.fr/Parc_Monceau , the Porte maillot, and the several train stations passed on my way to the city from the TGV Atlantique window.

The city was damp humid gray but nice,no rain,not cold a wonderful time to walk. I had my llunch at company HQ by Porte Maillot,and went back to ave Friedland for meetings before heading back home. Just my house in Versailles is sold pending the closing paperwork, and I will be on a business trip to exotic Cuba next Sunday. So until next week be good, rock, enjoy life, and be happy dont worry life is not crappy. Cheers

2 Comments to “Encore Paris, never enough of Paris….”

  1. Hi! I just thought to say that I’ve enjoyed your Paris posts and your blog. For that reason;, I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. The award has no official status and comes with several rules – So, I believe that you can decide whether to follow them or not. Either way, I just thout to commend you for your blog and say keep it up!


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