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February 5, 2012

Paris,once again, its endless, beautiful Paris!

One of often escapades to Versailles and Paris, combining business and pleasure. Had the TGV ticket for a meeting in Paris and was able to stop by the house in Versailles. Paris is eternal, each time it brings you closer in, until it suffocates you inhaling a wonderful drug that makes you come back again and again and love it with each try. Paris is eternal, Paris Je t’aime, t’aimer, t’aimerai!!!

All started at the gare de Vannes, taking my now usual TGV (love the drive but when company pays ::), the ride was smooth, and nice as we had First Class tickets. Arriving at Montparnasse and following up to my provided hotel at 6 rue de Colisée, Hotel le Colisée just off Virgin Megastore and the Champs-Elysées!!! Great welcome and on to my room.

Next day was meetings at HQ near Porte Maillot, lunch inside provided. Then in the evening met up with some French friends and headed for the back bars, the ones folks dont go to, but you feel the Parisien beat, a small down side bar on rue de colisée apart from tourists and hanging out with locals, beers, and amuse bouches galore until early am. The hotel was not far along. An opportunity to take pictures for the blog, somethings just passed by and never did and now with the tourist writer bug, do ::)

I head for home the next day for a quick lunch with the family and getting some work done in house. Then back to Paris for more meetings, and the return trip back. All the collegues met at Montparnasse and headed to the brasserie at grand lignes level where they created a table in the back for all 12 of us!!! Some cold beers and the usual job talks before we headed back to Vannes on the TGV arriving by 21h25/ I ,then ,need to have my car get me home about 17 kms away.

The webpage of my hotel is at and one of the symbols of Paris I went by (many times up but it was freezing…) The Arc de Triomphe at  shopping at the arcades of Champs-Elysées is wonderful and the omnipresent Starbucks cafe.

In another, there is a huge freezing spell in France going on with 43 dead, always unbelievable to me that so many die here from cold weather. I am use to heavy snow and cold, so the one here is mild. However, to the natives, it is very cold indeed/ It was -6C when I left and 6C when I arrive!!! snow was about 2 inches, but all major roads I take were clear. Many flights are cancelled at the Paris airports, so check your flights if coming now.

And France won it VI Nations rugby match vs Italy 30×12 a good start if with the weakest team. Also on taps the USA Super Bowl of American football, New York Giants vs New England Patriots, Go GIANTS!!!! If you be in Paris today or any other day you can see it at The American Dream 21, rue Daunou – 75002 Paris Site :  or  the Hard Rock Café 14, boulevard Montmartre – 75009 Paris Site :

And now some photos on my wanderings in Paris.

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