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January 29, 2012

Ploermel, another inland jewel in the Morbihan

Well today was a day to pack for the week’s trip to Paris on business, and my son back to school. So we were very busy, as a matter of fact, we went out to visit two inland towns which I have heard were nice and not too far from, about 30 mins rides. So in the morning we head out for Ploêrmel, just at the junction of the N24 and N166 roads. We went to the other in the afternoon leave for a later post.Stay tune.

Ploêrmel is easy to reach by car, N165,the N166, then just at junction with the N24 you head right into city center. It is ,also, about 45 mins from Rennes by car on the N24.  You can get all the itineraries in Brittany at this webpage The gare or train station is at Boutique SNCF 4 rue Charles de Gaulle, open Mon to Sat from  9h30-12h and  14h -18h, right inside a shopping gallery  « trait d’union ».  The regional train lines is the TER Bretagne webpage here  .  pdf file with bus line no 4 for connection to Vannes and elsewhere here , and the site for buses in 56 dept Morbihan is here in French

The tourist office is at The city and nearby town in the agglomeration are here in French ,

The town is nice and on a Sunday very easy to walk and park, , I park right in the center by the hotel de ville, easy time parking otherwise but today free. Some of the sights not to missed here is the church of St Armel, dates from the 15C ,you will find many historical items here such as the voute of oak tears, coffins of the dukes of Brittany Jean II and Jean III, and the mirror representing the tree of Jesse. The statue of Saint Armel as the tradition is to deposit pieces of butter as it is known to be the one who taugh the Breton how to make butter, commonly call < St Beurriau >, current statue dates from the 20C.

Another worth seeing is the Astronomical clock or Horloge Astronomique and the museum of La Mennais, all at Pl Le Mennais, and inside a courtyard, a sigh is posted walking down a driveway to it from the street about 50 meters. The astronomical clock was done from 1850 to 1855. It is free admission and its open 20 october to 31 march every day from  9h30 to 18h continuosly. April 1st to October 20 open every day from  9h30 to 20h continuously. The museum Jean Marie de La Mennais you can see its precious personal library and the presence of the congregation in the world of education. You can ,also, visit the tomb in a chapel of this great men. Admission is free all year and from 10h-11h and 15h-18h.

The town is nice, on the way from Rennes to Vannes, at the crossroads, maybe a nice stopping point, definitively good for a day. And more knowledge of the Breton region of France. Cheers, and some photos.

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