A walk on the train station of Auray and historical walk at the village of Brech

Today while waiting for my kids on their ski trip to the Franche-Comté area, I decided to take a ride by the train station earlier and take some photos, as been by there and yet a photo lol!! Then went around my bourg or village of Brech in pays d’Auray just some nice walks to see nature and some buildings that need to be known to the world by using my blog. Here is the story,

I pick up my boy at the Vannes train station by 18H or 6pm, and was so happy of his trip, and see snow lol!!! He can keep it. Lots of snow and ski, and photos for them, and of course the nice gifts for Dad and Mom and brothers. Always nice indeed….Another successful trip of school in France.

However, before that time, I was alone,and decided to do some walk or drive or both. All the things I do to enjoy my blog and travel friends, unusual things that otherwise would go unnoticed but because of todays bloggers and travel forum exchanges, we go beyond the call of duty to take pictures and stories around the areas we live. Believe me ,if it weren’t for all these travel pages and blogs I probably wont not know half the things that go around in my neck of the woods.

I went like I said to the gare d’Auray or train station,we have used it before but dont recall taken a photo of it, so here it is, also the bus terminal,and auto train section of it, plus the place de la gare where the post office, Avis car rental ,hotel ,and brasseries restos are,not to mention the newstand and cafeteria inside the station. Nice, small, convenient (direct to Paris Montparnasse on TGV Atlantique), and all the needs taken care of.

Then, I drove around my village of Brech, its actually part of Pays d’Auray, so for most needs we go to Auray, about 9 kms away or 5 miles; however ,Brech is divided into about 7 communes or villages plus the center or bourg where the church, post office,tabac are located as well as the mayor’s office and local ,real local govt offices are. The city webpage is at http://www.brech.fr/ ,and if you go to the tourisme section you will have in French (of course) the area sights to see.  http://www.brech.fr/tourisme.htm

One of the most interesting is the Ecomusée St Degan, where the agriculture and doings of the area are all shown, from older days.  It has its own webpage in French here http://www.ecomusee-st-degan.fr/ . It cost 5€ adult to get in but worth it and its open Mon-Fri from  14h -17h30, and from Nov 14 by appointment from Mon-Fri from  14h- 24 ,for more information contact email  contact@ecomusee-st-degan.fr

Another nice monument sight to see is the church of St André, it curiously has 24 capitouls from the 13C,the belltower was added in 1896, and many stones to built it taken from the chartreuse or cartegian monastery nearby.

You have the Chartreuse, it was built in 1382 AD in memory of the soldiers who fought in the war of succession in Brittany ,where the toughest battle was held on Sunday, September 29 1364 the day of St Michel. François II, Duke of Brittany change the collegiale of the monastery of Chartreux in 1480 AD, an order founded by St Bruno. Under the revolution, the chartreuses were  chase out. The abbey Gabriel Deshayes, priest of Auray put in here in 1812AD the Filles de la Sagesse, or daughters of the  Wisdom who were in charge of caring for the blind, deafs, and hard of hearing or understood. In 1814, under the restauration in France, the bones of the immigrants who were shot in firing squad during the revolution at the Champ des Martyrs(field of heroes)  in 1795 were transferred here . It is by the village of Penhoet, off D120e coming to Brech on the D768 off the N165 expressway. More info in French here http://fillesdelasagesse.free.fr/reseaux/chartreuse/chartreusepresentation.php

You can ,see several chapels in the area, some near me are the Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs, dates from the 18C, a site of pilgrims very popular during the Spring pardon or forgiveness period of believers.  Another one in the center near the river Loch, is the Chapelle Saint Jacques or Santiago, St James, inside he is shown with his pole and st jacques shells, , the chapelle was built in 1464, and it is mentioned on the road to St Jacques de Compostela from 1648.

The river Loch is historical and beautiful by its river banks. This river grows out in the middle of the Morbihan dept in Brittany and goes all the way meandering like a snake into the Gulf by Carnac and into the Atlantic Ocean.  The road just before the bourg or city center here, has a nice park/garden with plenty of ducks:::!!! and just in front a parking for camping cars with all amenities. You also has plenty of chambres d’hotes in town just across from the cute and traditional post office building.

You can get  your goodies at the L’official Gerard Tel +33 (0) 2 97 57 66 62 , boulangerie patisserie epicerie store in town ,bakery, sweets and small grocery store with the unique symbol of an American flag in its rightmost window not on my picture. Then you have the Le Moana tabac/cafe, the town meeting for coffee and a glass of beer, plus lotto tickets, and stamps when post office is closed,and WiFi tel +33 (0) 2 97 57 62 00;  as here the hours are country, only in the morning on Saturday and only afternoons for the post office, and all close by 7pm dit 19h lol!!!

For food as always, we head to one that by now has become our hangout at Le Bistro du Port in the historic distric of St Goustan, Auray. Here we had our usual moules au curry or curry mussels, st jacques galettes, vodka,porto,a bottle of local cider brut, creme brulée, and coffee for two at 53 euros. What a living my friends…yes indeed.

A wonderful area, liking it each day more, even if still have Paris/Versailles to go to often, again n Jan 30-31. Cheers.

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  1. Reblogged this on Paris1972-Versailles2003 and commented:

    This is a town very close to Auray where I first came to the Morbihan , Brittany and I passed by it almost every day now. Many nice monuments here and historical too, I like to bring it back alive for the pleasure of all. Enjoy Brech, Morbihan, Bretagne, France!
    And remember happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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