A movie and drink in Vannes ,anyone…..

Yesterday was a nice day, the last before my boys go out in ski vacation with the school here, so we decided to test the cinema again, this time a more serious movie, and go for some pints;;;;

Cinéville Vannes is great, huge spaces, great big screen, great sound, good friendly service, and the movie was good :;) Millenium, or the man who does not like woman, something like that. Daniel Craig was great, and damn the woman was fantastic, both on screen and very sexy off screen. A nice movie about a serial killer in Sweden who held an empire but use the power to rape his own family members;;;all living in an island, the main character a newspaperman who had come up with an earlier story that did not turn out too credible, was hire by the old man of the family to solve the riddle; the main character then hire as assistance the same woman who search out his false stories in his previous article.The two work out well, and I was hoping for them to stay together at the end, but I am a dreamer and today, the character stay with his old girlfriend bland bland….I take Lisbeth (Rooney Mara) anytime ::) Recommend to see it in any language. http://vannes.cineville.fr/programmes.php?salle=vannes-parc#0000131915

Just to be in the right mood we headed for lunch before the movie at the Irish pub nearby Le Skellig, it was slow as it was lunch, it gets going at nightime; but the service was good we had burgers,grimbergen beers red and blonde, plus coffees with small cakes and a share platter of goat cheese lardon bacons,and eggs, all for 76 euros for 3: it is right in the entertainment area of Atlanville, with other restos and stores all around it. Webpage http://www.atlanville.fr/skellig_presentation.shtml

We went around doing some last minute shopping for ski outfits like bags,gloves, etc, and then headed home. Before I finish the post, would like to add some spots in the Vannes area that are tops for night out, and really enrich the cultural events life in my area now ,some of them already visited. And then we had dinner, forgot the entry lol!! yes we went to La Boucherie is a chain of steakhouse (not bad for French steakhouse) and its right in the same area of skellig but outside the Atlanville area, walking distance of about 5 minutes: here we ate steaks of course with fries, red wine from Bordeaux, Chateau d’agassac 2008, creme brulée,dame blanche desserts, and coffees, all for 85€ for 3. location rue du  Gay Lussac , webpage at http://www.la-boucherie.fr/restaurants/67/FR/vannes-56

The cirque Eloize is coming to Vannes, Feb 8-9 at 20h30 and Feb 10 at 19h, at the theatre Anne de Bretagne,with 17 artists with many circus favorites plus the novelty of urban dances such as break dance and hip-hop!  Admissions will be from 21-27€  location Place de Bretagne,Vannes,  Tél : +33  (0) 2 97 01 62 00 webpage info at the city of Vannes site in French http://www.mairie-vannes.fr/culture/theatre_anne_de_bretagne/evenements/4118/index.html?&VIEW=DETAIL&AID=1181

The encounter of European Cinema or 11éme Rencontres du Cinéma Européen, from march 28 to april 3rd, admissions from 3-8€, held at the cinéville Garenne, and  Palais des Arts, Vannes; info in French for the palais des arts at city webpage http://www.mairie-vannes.fr/decouvrir_vannes/economie_entreprises/palais_des_arts_et_des_congres/4154/index.html , for the cinéville garenne,at http://vannes-garenne.cineville.fr/details.php?plan=01&idsalle=8186&salle=vannes

The salles or show places such as theaters,cinemas etc in the Vannes area are, the before mentioned Théatre Anne de Bretagne, Palais des Arts, Cinéville Garenne and Vannes,,and the others such as L’Echinova, 1 rue Léon Griffon 56890 St Avé or webpage http://www.lechonova.com/ for music concerts . La Lucarne, Rue d’ile Boêdic, 56610 Arradon, http://www.lalucarne-arradon.fr/?cat=5 for expositions, events concerts, Le Dôme, 1 rue des droits de L’Homme,56890 St Avé, a center for culture music and concerts, webpage at the city of st Avé in French http://www.saint-ave.fr/centre_culturel_le_dome.html , La Petite Scéne, 5 ferme de Maupéou, 56250 St Nolffs, right next to city mayor’s office in town, Auditorium des Carmes, place Théodore Decker,56000,Vannes at city page in French http://www.mairie-vannes.fr/culture/conservatoire_a_rayonnement_departemental/saison_des_carmes_2011/12/3570/index.html , Le Chorus,parc de golfe,5600 Vannes  webpage http://www.lechorus.com/ for events, exhibits, conferences at peninsula conleau.  Le Carré d’Arts, avenue des martyrs,56250 Elven, webpagehttp://www.csc-elven.fr/ , Salle Marcel Guého, 7 rue Jean Moulin,56450 Theix, webpage http://www.theix.org/scripts/site/04_page.php?cont_id=1&cont_appli_id=6&page_id=23Le Triskell, Parvis du Land Wursten, 56880 Ploeren at city mayor’s office webpage http://www.mairie-ploeren.com/Vie_pratique1/Espace_Culturel/default.aspx?Art=659&qry= , and Le Cairn, 56870 Larmor Baden, (wonderful beach), http://www.larmorbaden.com/index.php/SALLE-CULTURELLE-LE-CAIRN.html

Finally, if you want to keept track, of anything cultural, events,expos, concerts etc in the greater Vannes area, this is the official site in French but if have a question, I am here to help. http://www.enscene.net/accueil  ,and if you are interested to know news and events in general nature but also tourisme in the Vannes agglo area, this is the official site. http://www.agglo-vannes.fr/accueil/les_24_communes/les_communes_de_lagglo/arradon  with listing of towns that make up the region of Vannes.

The area where I work ::) Cheers


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