A leisure walk in my city, Auray, nice, quaint, and beautifully small

Well here I was all alone, my boys both 18 are gone skiing in the Jura for a week with the school, once coming back vacation time for winter is here from Feb 17-27, and we all should be by our home in Versailles and seeing the rest of the family.

So, therefore, I decide to take a walk in my city ,and take some pictures, the time was crisp cold,and sunny so photos were ok. The city of Auray actually has about 10K+ inhabitants, but it is well serve for its size. It has a local bus service call Auraybus, webpage here http://www.auray.fr/cadre-de-vie/auray-bus/  this is the city of auray govt site,in French, of course. It also tells of TIM or Transport Interurbain du Morbihan with lines 1,5,6,and 16 that allows you to connect with nearby cities such as Vannes. It ,also, has a train station nice and comfy with direct link with Paris Montparnasse with many services during the day in 3h30 , TGV Atlantique webpage http://www.tgv.com/fr/services/e-billet it has service where I have it, e-billet for electronic ticket and also home delivery that we use too. The line to Paris actually goes from Quimper and Brest and it can go to Lille or Roissy CDG or Disneyland. Then, you have the local TER lines for nearby local train service at http://www.ter-sncf.com/Regions/Bretagne/fr/Default.aspx

Then of course driving is my geek, the best is the parking by place Keriolet, very close to city center and Athena by the municipal pool. It has a port for pleasure boats, the Capitanerie is at 4 pl de Rolland at St Goustan, more in French here and contact at bottom of webpage http://www.auray.fr/cadre-de-vie/le-port/

The district of St Goustan, the low city historical part is getting a facelift that will last until 2014, the phases will be put in place so that the activity of tourism is not bother too much. The info in French from the city is here http://www.auray.fr/?id=1015#6230  The main of the renovation will be around la place Saint-Sauveur and quai Franklin. The public is invited to make donations to aide in this renovation with 66% tax deduction of amount given.http://www.auray.fr/accueil/quai-franklin/mecenat/ Anyway , we did went out for dinner a la breton, that is galettes and crepes at a real native place, Creperie St Sauveur, 6 rue St Saveur where we had 2 gargantua galette of ham and cheese,one madrilene with chorizos, one bottle of cider Coat albret, 3 banana splits, and 3 coffees for 54 Euros for 3 persons, real bargain. A quaint place very typically decorated and nice friendly service in a old street up the pl St Sauveur. webpage of tourism for the dept of morbihan ,show the creperie http://www.morbihan.com/creperie-saint-sauveur/auray/tabid/7419/offreid/2b3e3329-e5fb-42fb-8111-d31f6df92ec9/detail-restaurants.aspx

The city has several , a lot again for the size of the city of chapels,churches, monasteries, and towers of many centuries old ,including an old ruins of a castle once guarded the river entry from the Atlantic ocean to the Gulf of Morbihan to the river Loch. The city of Auray has a nice page in French with a great photo of the riviére de Loch, here http://www.auray.fr/auray/paysage/ Also, monument to the fallen of WWI, which I took a photo and it is in the city govt page too here http://www.auray.fr/auray/histoire/monument-aux-morts-virtuel/

To go to the Halles (see photo) or market is wonderful , all is fresh, brought in by fisherman, and delicious, the info again in French in the city govet,and with prices for those interested in having a stand, here http://www.auray.fr/auray/socio-economie/halles-et-marches/ Kerleano symbol of Breton resistance to the French revolution, and the train station, the main plaza pl de la Republique,and the district of St Goustan, all a must to see. The Chartreuse where the remains of those killed by the French revolution, are enterred, webpage at the tourist office site http://www.auray-tourisme.com/la-chartreuse/brech/tabid/8277/offreid/23a4acde-c549-4a97-8d00-26dd33b3ddc4/detail.aspx

Which by the way this is the tourist office of Auray that includes adjacent villages, http://www.auray-tourisme.com/#, and the main webpage of the city of Auray govt site http://www.auray.fr/auray/auray/


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