Another leisure Saturday day in Vannes

Today we head in force as we had multiple things to do before Dad goes off to Italy on work mission tomorrow Sunday afternoon. Vannes is the capital of the Morbihan dept 56, and really the only city per se. It has everything you need.

Depending on your needs you can stay in city and go to country or stay in country and come over to city. Many tourists in the summer stay near the beaches or coast, then by 17-18h head back into a traffic trail into the city nighttime activities, which been the only city per se is where the party is ::)

It was our first day shopping as what it is here the Winter Sales (started jan 11), so the stores and traffic were a bit higher than normal, and we do shop even if men, ho ho ho…. We got of course, video games and drivers for the boys, and shirts, pullovers, socks for Dad, and jeans,shirts,and sweaters for the boys , at different stores in the area of Parc Kerlenn, FNAC and Armand Thierry, were our favorite hit shops of the day. If want to take a peek, here are the webpages ,  ,and

We did try the Cinéville at Vannes,the cinema for the first time. It is big modern nice, and the sound was great. We saw Mission Impossible, protocole Fantome, and it was tense, fast pace movie, the kind made for video games now; but an old copycat of the action movies of the Dad’s time ::)  The webpage for them is at

The tourist office for Vannes is at le Port area, just by the boats!! webpage ; then you have the department Morbihan tourist page at , and the region of Bretagne tourist page is at

The city is wonderful to walk in its center, and I have other posts about it here. However, outside the center , it is very modern, with all modern world commodities as you can see from the pictures, which by the way will post some food pictures,not overly enthusiastic about it but ,its a trend, and I need to keep up lol!!!

After the movie we went to eat, so by the area of Atlanville in Vannes there are about 6 restaurants,bars to choose from, some local some national brands, so we chose the Tavern de Maitre Kanter, its an Alsacien seafood/beef national chain, that we always like to be sure of good stuff,and nice prices. The service was fantastic, very nice, fast, courteous, and greeters all over. The ambiance was well seafood,and mariners designs, and many families there. I imagine as in others at night the bar section will grow ,and its well stock and good.  The webpage is at We had 3 Grimbergen 50cl beers, a choucroute kanter, moules creme,burger kanter, extra fries, banana splits, and coffees all for 81€ for 3. which is reasonable in France.

If you want more they are in Parc Lenn where there are a leclerc hypermarché,plus 3 other restos, and Decathlon store; the area where we were Atlanville is developed as a center of entertainment away from the center of the city, and it has a webpage here

We finish our day with the bowling billards alley at the peninsula of Conleau, (also review in this blog before), there is a complex of butterfly museum, aquarium, passenger boat terminal to outlying island, an expo center, hotels like Mercure, and restos like Chez Paul. It also has discotheques and the bowling alley.  We arrive at Le Master bowling at parc du golfe, Very friendly place,and very beautiful girls lol!! (I will be back). The welcome was very friendly jokingly,and the price nicer than in the Paris region (of course). We play and I won the overall title beating my two 18 yrs boys, of course, they did beat me in one game, my excuse was I need more practice as they do play in school….excuses excuses but hey, life is tough ,you do what you must do ::) There is also pool table, games, sports cafe bar with large screen TV,and just a nice secure ambiance good to be back ,I am sure. The webpage is here

We then headed back home about 11 kms away or about 6 miles; Sunday will be a day to update my blog, pack,have lunch with the boys and head to Nantes airport to catch my AF flight to Lyon and then on to Bologna Italy. Until then stay tune and be safe. Cheers

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