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January 14, 2012

A nice walk in Auray at night….

I just feld that I needed to go out with my boys on a night out; usually in my neck of the woods now things are pretty quiet, and they were….

We walk into city center Auray past the Hotel de Ville,and down the narrow streets alone…..not a soul ,down to the river Loc’h in the Saint Goustan district where there were four restos open while the quais are renovated,with huge stones carved out of the streets. At night it looks like a scary  sight but well we venture out.

I was told the whole region is very quiet at this winter time, and no tourists. Well, it is quiet and not too many tourists,with us there were 3 folks from England and us in the resto; usually a popping place in spring and summer at Le Bistro du Port, pl St Sauveur but this time eerie and nice at same time.

Its not often you or us to leave a deserted parking place in the center of a town, walk down narrow old, eerie streets down a river, and have a great meal practically alone ,and then walk back the same route to get to our car, all while seeming to have the whole town for us….lol!!! nice/

The tourism for Auray is great, this is where Benjamin Franklin came in 1776 and landed by mistake on his way to see king Louis XIV and ask for financial and more,,,support of France for a new nation just born, USA. The webpage is here  ; take advantage to put the department or regional government tourist site iin Morbihan dept 56, at  ; and why not that of the whole region of Bretagne or Brittany, here

We ate at Le Bistro du Port, pl St Sauveur port Saint Goustan, tel +33 (0) 2 97 29 15 38, no webpage but listed in the tourist office above here

While there we had pizzas, crepes, and grim beers, such as pizzas 3 cheeses or fromages, pizza reine or queen,pizza catalane (with chorizos), crepes of banana and coconuts,a fish soup (delicious) coffees and 3 beers Grimbergen (Belgium)  50ml for 75 euros for 3. Great service very nice and prompt no need to call them… definitively been so close we will be back here.

Some photos of my Friday late night out with the boys,now over 18 so with Dad, really rocking around ::)

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