Versailles on Christmas day 2011….

Well the Christmas eve dinner is done with, and the Christmas day gifts are exchange, and plenty to be merry. Now what is next…. I took off for a ride and walk of the city on this glorious day.

The city was calm and almost empty of course, there was some hardy tourists strolling in the evening but for most it was to me and my father who accompanied me while the rest of the gang stay at home watching the Christmas/Noel shows on TV.

Its a special day, and wanted to be out, no snow, not cold ,just cool evening ,and no sunshine. I was by the castle of course, then up the bd Leclerc to see the Cathedral of St Louis, and the Potager du roi, up to ave Gral de Gaulle to see the rive gauche train RER station, and the Hotel de Ville on the corner of ave de Paris, went up to see Madame Elizabeth home on 73 ave de Paris, and back to the marche de Notre Dame.  Some was done by car and most on foot.

Its my home for now, still selling my house to move west to Bretagne, but Versailles will always be home ,8.5 glorious years, another milestone in my life of moving and shaking and life goes on. I am sure another sweet land awaits me in Brittany or Bretagne, but the previous ones are all good. They all marked a stage of my life and learning experiences that helps me shape my life in the future. They are all remembered and share with friends and family along the ways. Versailles is no different.

The royal town of Versailles, home of the French constitution,and the declaration of support for the young nation of the United States of America. The end of the line of French monarchy and empire. Its all here, along with jobs and schools, and everyday life’s chores.

In case its hard to find here are the Versailles tourist office:

The Versailles Events for rides unique experiences:

The Château de Versailles  webpage:

The Yvelines dept 78 tourist office on the castle:

The Ïle de France region tourist office on Versailles castle:

Some updates from the Castle,,,,a new balcon has been open in the cours des cerfs; the piece des bains in Marie Antoinette apartments  are now open for viewing; and the restauration of the salon de Mercure over the last few months ,this is part of the Grands Appartements, done in 1682, Miss glorious is more so now lol!!

Versailles is an open book on France,hope you can make it here. Cheers and may you have a wonderful end of year and best wishes for 2012!

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