Paris at nightfall sublime as always….

Well I am back in my old areas, driving around, walking around and just soaking in that wonderful Parisien feel. Not too shaby for a boy of Versailles, and now Breton lol!

I had decided to take a ride by Paris again, regardless of all those tourist books printing that is awful bad to drive in Paris, I have been driving in the city for several years now, and can tell you that if you learned to drive in New York City, Paris is a piece of cake ::)

I was by the ave de Suffren in Paris so naturally I drove thru one of my favorites areas Auteuil, yes the old village annexed to Paris in 1860 by Baron Haussmann grand project that we see today by orders of Napoleon III.

This is still a village life, full of close quarters, stores, bars, restaurants and the local feel of a small town inside a bigger one. Auteuil will be always be that. Then going to classy 7, that is the Tour Eiffel arrondissement or district is always grand. I walk Suffren up and down, went to Federation, and then pl Joffre standing on the other side of the Ecole Militaire.  Just fabulouse even if it was just a pretty little time back in the city.

I am here for spending Christmas with the boys, and will be in Versailles tomorrow, another heaven on earth place often confused with Paris but it a royal not. Then will head back home to Bretagne and the Morbihan by car 5h+ of it and by now it seems like my personal highway. Do it twice a month on the A13,A84,N24, N166, N165, and D768 lol!

First some happening was able to get informed, the Musée Marmottan-Monet is now hosting a great exhibition on  the neo-impressionnist artist  Henri-Edmond Cross. Until March 12 2012.

The Louvre will have an exhibition by the American Artist Thomas Cole, with the cooperation of these museums ,Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art de Bentonville (Arkansas), High Museum of Art of Atlanta , and the Terra Foundation for American Art . In the Louvre there is already a painting by him entittled ” La Croix dans la solitude” or the solitary cross….sp.  He was the one who painted the Last of the Mohicans. The exhibit will be  from January 16 to April 14, 2012.

Versailles where my older boy still works, is in full swing with exhibitions too numerous so I will put the site in English here  too many to tell my favorite but for visitors try not to missed the madame Elizabeth one, I have been in the house, a bit away from the castle but like I always said, Versailles is a lot more than a castle. Madame Elisabeth (1764-1794) , the house is at 73 rue de Paris straight out from the castle on your left hand side. Something from wikipedia that says a lot about her,

And hurry up until January 2nd you have Trocadero on ice, its great , too bad I was there in daytime, if nightime it should be wonderful, hurry up,  And not to be outdone, the Circus is back in action at these times, with the Circus Eloize at Théatre de Chaillot until January 20th 2012 ,see all here

And now I need a break ,and catch the family downstairs. See you in Paris or….

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