The Samaritaine is back in Paris

Well just to break the news that the grand magasin or great department store Samaritaine will see light again by June 2015 in a different light. It appears in the Le Parisien newspaper of the Paris region in French of course—-560520@1

Basically it says the building permit  by 2012 and then construction to begin .8000 m2 of space done by a Japanese architect to house many stores, office buildings with an inmense glass front on the rue de Rivoli side, on the side of the Seine it will have a hotel of 72 rooms , a creche to enfant care association and social apts for 96 lucky families.

This is a wonderful Paris landmark that at least if not a store will come back as a building we can all visit again.

In a typical French fashion, we are on strike on the airwaves again, with many flights delay by an hour on avg but so far no cancellation the strikers did not reach agreement so the strike will continue on all major cities in France.The govt has told them if no resolution they will take over the handling of airport due to the Holiday season to come soon.

For a store full of sweets and decor of antan of the vrai ¨Paris why not stopby the A La Mere de Famille,33-35, rue du Faubourg-Montmartre with webpage here its like going back in time and the real Paris.

And if going my way on the 16 and follow Chantal Thomass the great ladies underwear designer, then stop into La Patisserie de Reves, 111, rue de Longchamp, and try the pain au cafe, webpage at

 For something Italian try Ristorante Dino, 8, rue de la Chaussée-de-la-Muette . metro la Muette line 9. 

One of the in sites in France and to know everything about theaters, théatres and all their work with schedules directions etc is at theatreonline at  This one is a similar site but more concentrate in Paris at ,and I do resto reviews in French at this one that you can turn into English above right ,  and for upcoming concerts in Paris and France in 2012 take a look here

For events in Versailles mon ville eternelle than you can look at these people Versailles Events, who do tours in town for many years,and well respected  and the official Chateau de Versailles events site is here in English

Have a great Holiday Season everyone !!!


parc Raneleigh just behind la Muette on the 16éme, remember the book!

2 Comments to “The Samaritaine is back in Paris”

  1. Pedro,

    That’s great news. I was never in the original store, but I always thought it was a beautiful building. Hope I will still be here when it opens.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.



  2. Thanks, yes there will be stores there, but not the big dept store that it was, at least we can go back inside the building ::)


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