Coming back to Mexico DF, glorious and friends

Well well, after several years, I was back in Mexico DF, the city that is. And many encounters with old friends!

I was able to meet old friends, and make new ones, and walk and drive all over the main points of the city. The due diligence is eminent with common sense, but I walk and drove into industrial warehouses and Polanco and all with ease,nice. The weather was very nice, sunny fresh, nice very nice indeed

I was able to eat at my favorite resto Angus Butcher at Copenhangue 31 Zona Rosa; and lucky took the same table as the last time was there! plenty of pictures taken there too.

I also went to Cambalache, an Argentine jewel small but all kinds of cuts beef that is, at Insurgentes Sur 1384, Col. Del Valle,tel +52 55 5534-5858.   I ,also,ate at Taqueria Senele at polanco great tacos alambre and taquitos al pastor,,,,at Leibnitz, Col Anzures, 11590 just at the corner coming out of hotel Camino Real Polanco back door. And to top off i had my Spanish at the Centro Castellano inside the Camino Real hotel, where I was staying. It has its own webpage at

The hotel Camino Real Polanco is unique, and a most for comfort, service, amenities,location and loaded with 7 restos/bars plus pool at 28°C and exercise room. just off gal M Escobendo and Liebnitz behind it, across from bosque de Chapultepec and all is wonderful museums.

I walk to see again my favorites such as the Angel of Independance, fountain of goddess Diana, pass by monument to children heroes, and tour latinoamericana, past by museum Tamayo (no time to see it this time), the palace de beaux-arts,national auditourium, the lago at Reforma, did my shopping at the best Liverpool dept store, , and just walk on Polanco Mazarik and Zona Rosa by old streets like niza,amberes,florencia,gerona, londres, etc, just bringing memories back when I use to go here almost every month for several years.

The traffics were legendary and part of the fun of travel there, you must have a good attitude or go nuts!!! the Airport is nice, and well service, plus I had my first ever seismic shake at the airport before leaving, on so many years never had experience it, and it was strange as everybody just stop and look around for a few seconds, then it went away and kept walking,,weird.

For more tourist info see the official webpage for the city of Mexico DF that is,, at  and to expand your search in Mexico see the country official webpage at  And now some photos for the memories, thanks to all.

Enjoy Mexico city and many cheers!!

2 Comments to “Coming back to Mexico DF, glorious and friends”

  1. Sounds like you did some good eating there, Pedro.

    A friend of mine has just arrived in Paris from Mexico City. She has invited me there many times, but I have yet to go. Maybe I will the next time I am visiting my sister in California.



    • yes its a big contrasting city, but if you know or have locals to take you, its a beautiful city indeed. I have been many times on business and pleasure have cousins married to Mexicans there and in USA


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