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December 27, 2011

My last post of 2011,thanks for the memories…………………..

I am sitting at home after a long day at work and thinking about the end of 2011. ON a sad day for me as Four years ago my Mom passed away at our home, and the ashes layed at Honfleur in the ocean she loves so much. I do not know if will be able to write another post in 2011, but wanted to say a few words.

For many years, I have and do participate in several travel forums around the globe in English, French, and Spanish. The experiences have been sublime, the sharing of ideas have been superb. What is the difference between a visitor and a resident? Well, not much ,but we all love to see new things to search for new things and to share new things.

In my opinion, the best advice comes from the person who has visit and then live in a place or vice versa. There have been many times that a visitor will said something about a place where I live that if not for the mention I would never pass by it lol! and they have been interesting places. You learn every day. Sharing is important.

I had friends who told me to write a book on travel to France, well that was too much flattering, and time consuming. Then ,there were others who suggested why not a blog….a blog??? what was that lol!!! I asked several friends who were into it,and one from Spain who I have great respect for what he is doing (see my links below front page), told me to come to wordpress because it was easy to set up and use. Well as the saying goes the rest is was history.

Paris 1972 was born in november 2010,and it has been a thrill of a lifetime. Why the title ,well because after watching The Last Tango in Paris with Maria Schneider and Marlon Brandon I wanted to visit Paris,and I did for the first time. Its a love story that continues to this day without sight of ending it…. because Paris is a movable feast. And then, there was France oh well he did not have time to see it all, I have ,for the most part and can say France is a movable feast. Then it was the places I have lived in my life Cuba, Spain, and the United States, all have a bit part in this blog ,and of course football/soccer and my love for the Real Madrid (played alevin/benjamin in the 70’s there) ,and still member of the club.

Everything I write in these posts is personal experiences, not from books written by others, or saying in other forums although is great to share information, I only write about places I have been personally. So its my personal touch, and my personal spot on the internet

I look forward to write more about the country or countries I love in 2012. I am still selling my house in Versailles so the entire family can move with me in near Vannes/Auray area of the morbihan, in Brittany.  So far I have half the family with me and the other in Versailles::::I guess real estate sales in these times is not that good.

I look forward to reading your comments, and I am very happy to see the following my blog had, and the ideas, sharing of travel,sharing of our world, and especially sharing of France. Thank you all, and each of you. Have a wonderful 2012, may your wishes comes thru, and may you have a wonderful time travelling and reading my blog ::) Cheers

December 25, 2011

Versailles on Christmas day 2011….

Well the Christmas eve dinner is done with, and the Christmas day gifts are exchange, and plenty to be merry. Now what is next…. I took off for a ride and walk of the city on this glorious day.

The city was calm and almost empty of course, there was some hardy tourists strolling in the evening but for most it was to me and my father who accompanied me while the rest of the gang stay at home watching the Christmas/Noel shows on TV.

Its a special day, and wanted to be out, no snow, no cold ,just cool evening ,and no sunshine. I was by the castle of course, then up the bd Leclerc to see the Cathedral of St Louis, and the Potager du roi, up to ave Gral de Gaulle to see the rive gauche train RER station, and the Hotel de Ville on the corner of ave de Paris, went up to see Madame Elizabeth home on 73 ave de Paris, and back to the marche de Notre Dame.  Some was done by car and most on foot.

Its my home for now, still selling my house to move west to Brittany, but Versailles will always be home ,8 glorious years, another milestone in my life of moving and shaking and life goes on. I am sure another sweet land awaits me in Brittany or Bretagne, but the previous ones are all good. They all marked a stage of my life and learning experiences that helps me shape my life in the future. They are all remembered and share with friends and family along the ways. Versailles is no different.

The royal town of Versailles, home of the French constitution,and the declaration of support for the young nation of the United States of America. The end of the line of French monarchy and empire. Its all here, along with jobs and schools, and everyday life’s chores.

In case its hard to find here are the Versailles tourist and events webpages;;   , ;; and here are the Castle webpage as well as the tourisme for dept 78 Yvelines where Versailles is its capital.;;;;  ;; ;; and this is the tourist site for the whole region of Ile de France, where Versailles is part of as well as Paris,,,  : with these you wont go wrong at all ,if detail info needed seek me out ::)

Some updates from the Castle,,,,a new balcon has beeb open in the cours des cerfs; the piece des bains in Marie Antoinette apartments  are now open for viewing; and the restauration of the salon de Mercure over the last few months ,this is part of the Grands Appartements, done in 1682, Miss glorious is mre so now lol!!

Here are some photos not too good I am afraid but you will know them, they are all in everybody’s picture book. Cheers and may you have a wonderful end of year and best wishes for 2012.

December 23, 2011

Paris at nightfall sublime as always….

Well I am back in my old areas, driving around, walking around and just soaking in that wonderful Parisien feel. Not too shaby for a boy of Versailles, and now Breton lol!

I had decided to take a ride by Paris again, regardless of all those tourist books printing that is awful bad to drive in Paris, I have been driving in the city for several years now, and can tell you that if you learned to drive in New York City, Paris is a piece of cake ::)

I was by the ave de Suffren in Paris so naturally I drove thru one of my favorites areas Auteuil, yes the old village annexed to Paris in 1860 by Baron Haussmann grand project that we see today by orders of Napoleon III.

This is still a village life, full of close quarters, stores, bars, restaurants and the local feel of a small town inside a bigger one. Auteuil will be always be that. Then going to classy 7, that is the Tour Eiffel arrondissement or district is always grand. I walk Suffren up and down, went to Federation, and then pl Joffre standing on the other side of the Ecole Militaire.  Just fabulouse even if it was just a pretty little time back in the city.

I am here for spending Christmas with the boys, and will be in Versailles tomorrow, another heaven on earth place often confused with Paris but it a royal not. Then will head back home to Bretagne and the Morbihan by car 5h+ of it and by now it seems like my personal highway. Do it twice a month on the A13,A84,N24, N166, N165, and D768 lol!

First some happening was able to get informed, the Musée Marmottan-Monet is now hosting a great exhibition on  the neo-impressionnist artist  Henri-Edmond Cross. Until March 12 2012.

The Louvre will have an exhibition by the American Artist Thomas Cole, with the cooperation of these museums ,Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art de Bentonville (Arkansas), High Museum of Art of Atlanta , and the Terra Foundation for American Art . In the Louvre there is already a painting by him entittled ” La Croix dans la solitude” or the solitary cross….sp.  He was the one who painted the Last of the Mohicans. The exhibit will be  from January 16 to April 14, 2012.

Versailles where my older boy still works, is in full swing with exhibitions too numerous so I will put the site in English here  too many to tell my favorite but for visitors try not to missed the madame Elizabeth one, I have been in the house, a bit away from the castle but like I always said, Versailles is a lot more than a castle. Madame Elisabeth (1764-1794) , the house is at 73 rue de Paris straight out from the castle on your left hand side. Something from wikipedia that says a lot about her,

And hurry up until January 2nd you have Trocadero on ice, its great , too bad I was there in daytime, if nightime it should be wonderful, hurry up,  And not to be outdone, the Circus is back in action at these times, with the Circus Eloize at Théatre de Chaillot until January 20th 2012 ,see all here

And now I need a break ,and catch the family downstairs. See you in Paris or….

December 18, 2011

Vannes IS Morbihan at its best.

Well I was left alone as my boys left to be with the mother older brother and paving the way for me to arrive at Christmas on the 22nd; I was then alone to do something on a Sunday cool, sunny, and calm. What better way to do it then visit my department capital of Vannes, the city I work. The city was decorated and calm when I arrive by noonish time, but by 3pm or 15h it was packed folks all over and shops open doing briskly business, and into the nights no doubts. The restos were getting ready for the 19h dinner time. Streets pedlers were walking all over singing, dancing,and playing songs of other lands and Christmas carols, very very nice.

Vannes is the Morbihan, not only the seat of local government,but the sights, the stores,bars,restaurants, and city sights are endless,not to mention the entertainement. Today was the papa Noel or santa claus arrival at 15h and I was just there to catch glimse of it.. Lots of folks were there too lol!

I like to park by the Le Port area, and taken the car a few meters before arrival you can park fo free!!! To avoid the city traffic coming by car, do not get off at Vannes Centre, instead head a bit west or east depending from where you are coming from on the road N165 and enter on exit 779E always following the signs for Le Port. You will be on a beltway around the city center that takes you on the backdoor of it all. You can park underneath at the Le Port parking or on the side streets along the canal mark with white lanes so they are free!!! The city has a nice gare or train station to Paris Montparnasse TGV service but the trip to the center better to take a taxi or bus as it can long and in winter not fun lol! The bus system is just enough but not as frequent and easy to go as the major cities like Paris. or ; the local train the TER Bretagne is at

PArking underground is handle by vinci at at Centre, Loi, and Republique. however I prefered if parking underground the one at Le Port, right by the canal and the tourist office at  handle by Q-Park outfit.

The city has a beautiful Cathedral of St Pierre, where the tomb of Father Vicente Ferrier from Valencia Spain who evangilise the area in the 1300’s and the main city port to the Le Port area is name after him plus several other places at the most impressive the Port de Saint Vincent. The cathedral is richly decorated, and many pretty chapels including my favorite that of the Virgin Mary.  It is right in the old section with beautiful wooden houses including my favorite shopping store Michel Loizeau at pl Henri IV ,the house dates from the 15C! Here you get today, winter clothing,bag,umbrellas,and belts of the finest local quality. The parish of the Cathedral official page is at

The local NIcolas wine store at the Pl de Poids Public, where all is surrounded by wooden houses dating from the 14C onward is awesome ambiance. You have the Huche du pain, the laticonol chocolatiers,and so many shops to drop and empty your wallet ,all of the highest brand names and local Breton brands at prices better than Paris for sure.

The famous Chateau Gaillard, it was the old parlement of Bretagne, built in 1410, and parlement until 1535, and today houses the museum of history and archeology of the city of Vannes. More on tourisme of Vannes in English here The other beauty is the Cohue, an old medieval hall now use as the museum of fine arts or , Musée des Beaux-arts . Both are a must when in town.

It has a beautiful Hotel de Ville or city hall done in 1847 and now under renovation, with very nice architecture and beautiful decorations.  Then you must , must lost yourselves into the quaint medieval like narrow streets and gorgeous plazas of Vannes, from the porte of St Vincent walking on its street to the pl Henri IV, pl de Poids Publics, Pl Villa Valencia (and its famous faces of the woman of Vannes see photo), Pl des Lices, rue de la Monnaie, rue de bienheureux Pierre Rene Rogues, rue Emile Burgault, and rue St Guenhael, its ajother magical world. Daytime is wonderful nightime is sublime.

Then you have the canal, that goes right into the pl Gambetta, full of restos, before the porte Saint Vincent, but this canal goes all the way out into the Gulf of Morbihan (UNESCO World Heritage site) with a marine passenger boat terminal, seaquarium, butterflies museum, bowling alley, expo congress palace,and just wonderful promenades in addition to passenger boat trip to the islands in the Gulf; but this is for another post.

Come and enjoy Vannes, a wonderful city, still in an old way relax laidback atmosphere of France was always heard of outside of it. Discovered it. Enjoy the photos.

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December 17, 2011

Auray, my town is leisure,friendly and historical !!!

Well today was a cool cloudy but not rainy which is a big think around the Morbihan nowdays. My twin boys left for Versailles, Yvelines, with older brother ,and mom for the vacation of Christmas in school. I will join them next friday for the family get together this year smaller as we are in transition of moving.

At last I did change my license plate so now I am finally with the 56 in my car and not the 78; it was easy, done after dropping the twins at the train station to go Paris Montparnasse. Then I did some shopping,and walk the streets of Auray.

Many visitors ask to see things, churches, monuments etc, I like to do those too, but I love to walk  the old towns, quaint streets, shops, restos, pubs, the real good life or we French says Joie de vivre, that so many come searching here for it, and find ::) Auray is no difference and I live just at the town border.

You have everything here to make that living, quaint artist, painters quartier with many many galleries just try one Galerie Chateau at at 45 rue du Chateau down in historical district of St Goustan. The city has 32 art galleries in town of 10K+ persons wow !!!

You can walk and go into the woods all over here with even an old windmill at Moulin de Treuroux which has a simple informative page at

You can fish or go boating, did I say boating, oh yes, boats here are more than cars !!! Boating and fishing life is well a way of life, you will be in heavens. I do ,love those marines goodies lol!

Auray is old from the time of the Dukes of Brittany, and the priesthood of St Gildas. Here was the big battle in 1364 between Auray and Brec’h (just where I live!) that opposed the troops of Charles de Blois to those of his cousin and rival Jean de Montfort. The battle cost the life of Charles de Blois (today there is a nice church name after him) , therefore Jean IV de Montfort became duke of Brittany, and order the famous Chartreuse to honor those in this battle. There is a castle here , abandoned once Brittany was attached to the kingdom of France in 1532. The ruins can be seen at St Goustan.  Here the English landed after king Louis XVI was guillotine in Paris to help the local farmers call Chouans, the English landed at Quiberon and Carnac just down the road, they were surrounded and routed all killed on their way to St Anne d’Auray (today is the basilica there patron sainte of the Breton and grandmother of Jesus son of Joseph and Mary). The local leader George Cadoudal born in Auray in 1771 ,and after a plot to kill Napoleon caught and guillotine in Paris in 1804.

The port of St Goustan is history to another country too.  St Goustan was born in 974 AD in Cornouilles, raised by pirates, and abandoned in an island, help by St Felix the abbey of Saint Gildas de Rhuys, and became converted into Chritianisme. He is the patron saint of marines, fisherman, and its represented with a fish symbol. It is here in December 3rd, 1776 that Benjamin Franklin caught in a storm landed to see the king and ask for help and recognition of the new nation of the USA! You get here very easy from the center of Auray, just follow the rue de Chateau down to the river Loc’h basin,and the wonderful port area full of stores ,restos,and pubs. Including relais Franklin, where the American stayed and ate while here.

You can get here from Paris Montparnasse on the TGV in about 3h40 and the gare or train station is walking distance to all. In the summer and more you can use the Auray bus for free transportation to the center.  The best transport site in Brittany is at  By car take the autoroute A11 or A13 direction Rennes, then the N24 to Vannes,and the N165 takes you up and down the litoral of the Morbihan from Brest to Nantes. You can go to nearby islands at Port St Goustan ,24 quai Benjamin Franklin, tel +33 (0) 2 97 56 29 08. The closet airport is at Lorient  ,, but I always use Nantes at . plenty of taxis at the train station at Auray, and also rental companies Avis and Europcar.

There are many historical houses in the pl de la Republique the main one before descending into St Goustan, as well as city  hall or hotel de ville building. The market is there from the 15C and you cannot anything fresher here, fish and seafood galore lol!! St Gildas church was done in the 12C after Constance, Duchess of Britanny gave some land to the bishop of Auray ; the church was demolished in 1620 and re, built in 1663. The organ is from the 18C, the Christ is from the 16C. The hotel dieu and Saint Helen’s Chapel were built in 1651; the hospital was connected to the chapel as it was the custom. The hospital run by the Augustinians continues until 1904! The new hospital is the one that correspond to me too at Pratel. The city has about 15 chapels all beautifully decorated,and a challenging work for me to see and tell you about them.

The official tourism site is at www.auray-tourisme.Com

I must add that I will test in next summer,there are many camping parks in the area, all from two stars and up, very nice.  The department tourist page has information on them at  For young vacation you can check here

For walkers who needs a rest check this site , and the international hostel org can be use for this area too at

Some photos of my walk of today to follow,enjoy it as much as I do.




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December 13, 2011

Coming back to Mexico DF, glorious and friends

Well well, after several years, I was back in Mexico DF, the city that is. And many encounters with old friends!

I was able to meet old friends, and make new ones, and walk and drive all over the main points of the city. The due diligence is eminent with common sense, but I walk and drove into industrial warehouses and Polanco and all with ease,nice. The weather was very nice, sunny fresh, nice very nice indeed

I was able to eat at my favorite resto Angus Butcher at Copenhangue 31 Zona Rosa; and lucky took the same table as the last time was there! plenty of pictures taken there too.

I also went to Cambalache, an Argentine jewel small but all kinds of cuts beef that is, at Insurgentes Sur 1384, Col. Del Valle,tel +52 55 5534-5858.   I ,also,ate at Taqueria Senele at polanco great tacos alambre and taquitos al pastor,,,,at Leibnitz, Col Anzures, 11590 just at the corner coming out of hotel Camino Real Polanco back door. And to top off i had my Spanish at the Centro Castellano inside the Camino Real hotel, where I was staying. It has its own webpage at

The hotel Camino Real Polanco is unique, and a most for comfort, service, amenities,location and loaded with 7 restos/bars plus pool at 28°C and exercise room. just off gal M Escobendo and Liebnitz behind it, across from bosque de Chapultepec and all is wonderful museums.

I walk to see again my favorites such as the Angel of Independance, fountain of goddess Diana, pass by monument to children heroes, and tour latinoamericana, past by museum Tamayo (no time to see it this time), the palace de beaux-arts,national auditourium, the lago at Reforma, did my shopping at the best Liverpool dept store, , and just walk on Polanco Mazarik and Zona Rosa by old streets like niza,amberes,florencia,gerona, londres, etc, just bringing memories back when I use to go here almost every month for several years.

The traffics were legendary and part of the fun of travel there, you must have a good attitude or go nuts!!! the Airport is nice, and well service, plus I had my first ever seismic shake at the airport before leaving, on so many years never had experience it, and it was strange as everybody just stop and look around for a few seconds, then it went away and kept walking,,weird.

For more tourist info see the official webpage for the city of Mexico DF that is,, at  and to expand your search in Mexico see the country official webpage at  And now some photos for the memories, thanks to all.

Enjoy Mexico city and many cheers!!

December 12, 2011

Here is Paris looking at you,and you,and you…

Things are happening fast, today was the first day of the changes in the railroad network of France, and it was all over the local news. Some folks the new schedules put them farther away or need to wait more for the trains. Well I am into cars you know… If you travel by train, check the schedules, especially if you already had reservations and are coming on now.

This is the site and for the Paris region trains ,and for buses, RER and metro

The speed and traffic lights radars are increasing so be be careful on the road too, big fines awaits you. On top of having to pay more for parking in Paris, where are we heading? A site to keep on the road are ,  , you can also check on google, yahoo,etc for directions and maps. In France, this site regroups information on autoroutes or A roads , , and this site show you how it cost you on tolls, , and live traffic information all the time at and another one ,and this one ; the ones I use. For gasoline costs all over France, and gas stations check the site I am in,  and remember its cheaper at hyper/super markets. Now you are ready for the road, and follow the road warrior all over France.

This came to be, and missed it, but been in it , this is their 3rd year, and will post for all to keep and be here next year (enough savings time ::) Rue des Petites Écuries, rue de Paradis, rue d’Hauteville; these are the new addresses for bars, restos branchés, art galleries, trendy boutiques ,and architects shops galore  The theme this year was the  vernissage de l’expo Sous Titre au Purgatoire, new events space cross over of comtempo arts and ,culinariy arts at 54, rue de Paradis; the youth arts library) for dedications was at L’Ouvre-Boite, 20, rue des Petites Écuries, and the animations and gift raffles was at Lieu 37 37, rue des Petites Écuries. The Event call Little Paradis night time feasts by the streets  Rue de Paradis, rue d’Hauteville, rue des petites écuries, rue Martel…
Banana Republic is open now at the Champs-Elysées!! 22, av. des Champs-Elysées (VIIIe). ,and for the best pizzas in Paris try the Bistro Napolitain at 18, avenue Franklin-D.-Roosevelt, tel +33 (0) 1 45 62 08 37 at by the same metro, and  Pizza Chic, just in away from the central crowds but what a pizza 13, rue de Mézières – 75006 Tel +33 (0) 1 45 48 30 38     webpage
The time is beginning to be cold and more rainy, as if the cold winter is just around the corner, its also the Holiday season and Christmas this year for me will traveling by car to Versailles to reunite the entire family and eat in house as always. Then we will see about New Year’s a whole different ballgame ::)
I just came from Mexico DF so soon will be a post on it with plenty of photos. As for now time to hit themusic playing in me, and relax for another day at the office and more reports yikes!!!
Cheers and Happy Holidays to all.




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December 1, 2011

Something about Paris….is it there always something about Paris…yes

Well Paris is always Paris, and  I can never be tired of writing about it, even if now I am a bit away in the Morbihan of Brittany.

How about the wonderful movies about Paris, just facing Ile Saint-Louis on the quai de la Tournelle, the movie with Goldie Hawn Everybody says I love you or in French Tout le monde dit I love you. Again, it was Woody Allen who let us know more about the bouquinistes of the rive gauche or left bank in Minuit à Paris or Midnite in Paris. A  bit higher you have quai de Montebello, where we had Jeanne Moreau give us a performance in Jules et Jim, and Audrey Hepburn  walk with Cary Cooper in Charade as well as Julie Delpy in the interior of the bookstore Shakespeare and Co for the movie Before Sunset.

You have again by Notre Dame the Quasimodo de Paris, or Paris burn. you visited the interior of the  Palais de Justice, in L’Ivresse du pouvoir or the power of drunk (sp?) , and the location of Quai des Orfévres ,and then 36. At the point of the ile, the square du Vert Galant, gave us the loves of  La Désenchantée ,the dischentament, and Les Amants du Pont Neuf or the lover of the pont neuf. In fact ,it was in an apartment of the île Saint-Louis that the very British mannequin found in Les Poupées russes and Actrices.

Moving to the bridges at the pont Alexandre III  you saw Angel-A , then le Baiser mortel du dragon, as well as  Pars vite et reviens tard or leave early and come back late. The pont des Arts gave us Boudu sauvé des eaux ,and Vanessa Paradis jumps into the water at the passerelle Debilly in La Fille sur le Pont or the Girl on the bridge. On the bridge of Bir-Hakeim we saw the greatest and my blog title Maria Schneider and Marlon Brando in Dernier Tango à Paris or the the Last tango in Paris. We have in the pont de Grenelle , the movie Dans Paris,and Inception.

In the Quartier Latin , we have La Traversée de Paris, and on Rue Daubenton Bourvil and louis de Funés  at the hamman of the Grande Mosquée de Paris in the Grande Vadrouille. Place du Panthéon, we have Corniaud, and as well the Lycée Henri IV where Sophie Marceau give us Boum. Moving along to the Opera area we have Au Bonheur des dames at the place de l’opéra and Un Long Dimanche de fiançailles.  As well the maps given to Arséne Lupin wih Romain Duris.

By the St Germain des Prés area we had , J’ai vu tuer Ben Barka or I saw killing of ben barka. The great Simone Signoret in Le Temps de l’Innocence as well as Woody Allen in What’s next pussycat.ALso Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob. In the Grands Boulevards area we have, Chansons d’Amour, and by the blvd Bonne-Nouvelle we see the theater du Gymnase where Coluche triumphs . At the other end the pl de la République we see Romain Duris again in Le Péril  Jeune.  By the Champs elysées we have Le Roi des Champs Elysées and Remontons les Champs Elys”es as well as Taxi 2, Les Chevaliers du ciel, and the Le Gendarme à New York. At the end we see Zazie dans le métro, and Seuls Two. By the  place de l’Etoile, its the arc de Triomphe that rises in Drole de frimousse of Audrey Hepburn and the loves of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in one of my all time favorites Casablanca.

You have by the Louvre in Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou in the search for Da Vinci Code. Then its on to Bande à part, and Belphégor. Under the colonnade of the Palais Royal we have Charade. On the jewels of the Place Vendome or Le Cercle rouge. The galerie dorée of the banque de France shows in Marie-Antoinette, Vatel, and Tous les matins du monde.

Of course these are just some of the many hundreds that have made Paris, the most beautiful city in the world.

Now for the Christmas shopping, this is the time and this is the IN places in Paris now according to Le Figaro: La Librairie des enfants.Children books . 89, rue de Levis (XVIIe). Tél. : 01 47 63 98 52. Francis Kurkdjian. exclusive perfums of the best . 5, rue d’Alger (IIe). Tél. : 01 42 77 40 33. Shine, for the best in the latest clothing accessories, 15, rue de Poitou (IIIe). Tél. : 01 48 05 80 10. Madame à Paris for bags for women with self defense features, Printemps Haussmann, 64, bd Haussmann (IXe). Sarah Lavoine.  tendance mode from the wife of French singer Marc Lavoine; 49, rue Saint-Roch (Ier). Tél. : 01 42 96 34 35.  And to have something from my region now while in Paris see Henri Le Roux caramélier et chocolatier.  butter caramels candy salted made in Quiberon (see entry on my blog) 1, rue Bourbon-le-Château, VIe. Sœurs. this is brand clothing for girls from 12-18 yrs. Here you have the Violette, one of daughter of Inès de la Fressange, manequin model of the brand . 88, rue Bonaparte (VIe). Tél. : 01 46 34 19 33. And, Boutique de l’Opéra Garnier. for princesses at  facing n°8, rue Halévy (IIe). Tél. : 01 53 43 03 97.

Paris Christmas market and children playgrounds:

Marché Paris Champs Elysées until January 2, 170 chalets. Avenue des Champs-Elysées, VIIIe.  

Marché de Noël à la Maison de l’Alsace until Dec 23rd first floor or second floor USA at the Maison de l’Alsace,local products of Alsace. 39, avenue des Champs-Elysées, VIIIe.

Village du Père Noël de Saint-Germain-des-Prés  until Jan 2nd ,25 chalets along boulevard Saint Germain.Boulevard Saint Germain, VIe.

Village de Noël, place Saint Sulpice until 24 december ,ambiance old Paris,  Place Saint-Sulpice, VIe.

Village de Noël européen du Trocadéro  until Jan 2nd, about 100 chalets from all of Europe, traditions and cultures,and products. Place du Trocadéro, XVIe.

Village de Noël de Montparnasse Dec 5-30th ,40 chalets, at the foot of the Tour Montparnasse, XVe.

Marché de Noël Italie 2  until Dec 24th ,20 chalets, at the commercial center mall  Place d’Italie, XIIIe.

Marché de la Gare de l’Est  until Dec 17th, alsacien gastronomy, deco Noel and fabrics of the table  Gare de l’Est, Xe.

Marché de Noël, place de la Nation  until 24th Dec artists from the world this year Russia, Vietnam, Peru, Thailand,India, South Korea ,etc. Place de la Nation, XIIe.

Marché de Noël de Notre Dame  from Dec 16-21th art and gastronomy of the land . Notre Dame, Square Viviani / quai de Montebello, IVe.

Le Marché de la Défense  until Dec 27th, 350 chalets, on the parvis ,for many years the biggest in the area. all kinds of items for Noel Christmas including foods and toys  Parvis de la Défense, Puteaux (92).

Marché «Noël en Auteuil, les Festiv’ Solidaires» from Dec 14-18 from the  fondation «Apprentis d’Auteuil»helps kids in difficulties with localk products of food wines, and decoration items as well as concerts 40, rue Jean de La Fontaine, XVIe.

Marché de Noël de Boulogne , from Dec 8-24 ,45 chalets on the Grand-Place facing the commercial center mall ,animations and little train . Grand-Place, Boulogne (92).

The city of Paris puts on its webpage the areas that will be illuminated ,lights in Paris its a tradition. See it here in French ; and the less detail English version ,

Places with carrousel and children areas in this time, in French , city of Paris webpage,

Enjoy Paris at its best time.

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