A new city on my map ,Dusseldorf, Germany

I  admit, Germany always is a gravity pull, and been there on business and family trîps, so this time went for a short spell on business to a new city on my map, Dusseldorf, wonderful

It is during the Christmas season ,so plenty of Christmas markets in the zentrum or center, and we did walk the nights away. The Konigsallee area is gorgeous, and the hotel I stayed is the best, know it well because work on them in management years ago in France.The best way is by taxi only 21 euros, the train is about 6 euros but need to have changes, and no need to start your trip stress out with these taxpayer supported schemes. IF you must the sites are


this is the airport site above and info on getting to the city abound.  for trains go here http://www.duesseldorf.de/eng/touring/nach_dus/bahn.shtml

for information on tourism ,the site is at http://www.duesseldorf-tourismus.de/en/

The walks in the zentrum old city center was great, full of life nothing left unseen, the people were in their best moods. The bars were full, we had a great time at the Intercontinental Hotel lobby bar, and then went on to check out the two next ones that are a must for everyone visiting the city. The hotel webpage is at http://www.intercontinental.com/intercontinental/en/gb/locations/dusha?sicreative=7020104644&dp=true&sicontent=0&sitrackingid=262443773&cm_mmc=Google-PS-IC_France-_-G%20B-EMEA-_-DEU-Duesseldorf-_-intercontinental%20dusseldorf&siclientid=1966

probably my biggest link but worth the information on it.

For the best steaks western style and wines galore head for the The Classic Western Steakhouse, Tubmannstrr 12 , Tel +49 (0211) 20031507. top US beef with sound of country music and old western photos all over the walls,huge and delicious. I had the regular cut of juicy steak, mashed potatoes, nutty cake for dessert which I even forgot its German name, and share a bottle of 2008 Errazuriz Chilean red wine. webpage at http://www.steakhouse-duesseldorf.de/home  for the wine ,the webpage is here ,one of the best of Chile and the world http://www.errazuriz.com/errazuriz/

The next evening we went for old German chow, of beef and potatoes and green beens at a place where the beer never stop coming, I had ten glasses, and it was delicious, we walk home lol! This was at Brauerie Schumacher, Oststr 123, Tel +49 (0211) 828 9020. A brewery there since 1838, pub with beautiful wood carvings, we went to the back a special room for our group behind close doors lol!!  webpage http://www.schumacher-alt.de/index2.html

The airport was great too, very clean, and friendly even without speaking German. I try the resto on the travel gallery on the E3 level , Das Gasthaus , more chow, this time flaky meaty fish, mashed potatoes, and the same nutty walnut cake type with a large Becks beer lol! ready for the plane.

I started and return to Nantes airport in France, easy quick in and out place, and then my car home 1h30, on the N165. In all a very nice trip, and a discovery is made to come back to Dusseldorf with the family  next year;some photos to share, and some given that I am in it.

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