Lorient, the raide, and its ports

Today its Armistice Day in France, celebrating the end of WWI and honoring those braves who fought for our future. Always on guard to keep the good ones afloat.

I started my day with the boys watching the early morning ceremonies at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on TV; very moving to see the honoring by the President Sarkozy. Then it was done with the groceries at carrefour market in Pluneret ,close to my home. Finally, we headed to visit Lorient.

I was told it is a new city after the destruction done to it in WWII, and indeed it was different, sort of like any city in Florida, USA but with the added flair of a cool cloudy misty day by the harbors it was nice after all. The city was lively, many people out,and the plazas were ongoing, however ,the restos were a bit empty.

We had our lunch very American, at the Subways sandwich chain that has franchisees here in France, and of course, one in Lorient by the Place de l’apero,and the main bus center for the city. Its always nice to go back in time and eat at places now you normally dont ::) Those BMT still rocks lol!

We went by car of course, on the N165 got out at exit 43 or sortie, but the signs also has Lorient on it so its easy, just follow Lorient Centre to reach the center of town and into the harbors areas. There is a train from Paris montparnasse on the TGV line that reaches here often. Parking is plentiful lots of it, we did it by rue de la patrie on the big esplanade facing up to the palais de congres.

The official tourist webpage is at http://www.lorient-tourisme.fr/  ,and for the local bus transport information is at www.ctrl.fr  ,however, the best portal for transport in Brittany is at http://www.breizhgo.com/index.php/bretagne/

The walking in its street is always my pasttime and enable me always to know the town visit better. There is many ports actually five, the best known at the pleasure boat or port de plaisance, port de peches or fishing port, and the port de commerces or commercial port. Boat out to outliying islands is available, and there is nice beaches by Lamor Plage going down on the road D29; there is also, to see an old submarine base from the time of WWII when the nazis established their uboat hq here. The tower of discovery or tour de la decouverte,and the Thalassa an old boat of marine research that ended its days at sea here,and now can be visited.

The area has FNAC, Galeries Lafayette,Monoprix,H&M, stores all around the main plaza and of course the commercial center Noyel with lots of more stores in a mall style setting. Restos,cafes,brasseries abount around this area which in summer season is packed with visitors. One more town to check out further in details in my tours of Brittany or Bretagne.

One unique event that I wont missed next year is the Festival Inter Celtique or Celtic festival where representatives of Celtic tradition from its regions such as Scotland,Ireland,Asturias,Galicia,and of course Brittany come to share their traditional music,danse,and artifacts. Always more information here  www.festival-interceltique.com

For the theater concious,there is a renovated theater the Grand Theatre that looks impressive and sure will tickle my fancy to try see it inside for a show one of these days, the official webpage is at http://grandtheatre.lorient.fr

Hotels you  have an Ibis, Oceania (my business hotels),and the Victor Hugo. However, two that caught my eyes,but did not stay of course, were the Hotel Restaurant Les Gens de Mer, or the folks of the Sea, right by the port de peche or fishing boat marina, webpage www.lesgensdemer.fr ;and the Hotel les Oceanes, by the boat station to outliying islands, webpage www.hotel-lesoceanes.com

Hope it helps your visit to this nice city, I for one, will surely come back to it. Some initial photos of my reconnaissance of Lorient.



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