Versailles/Paris at night is sublime….Superb

Just a visit to the tourist center is enough to know why Versailles is the most popular castle in the world… very nice streets lighted up and quaint to walk by with good company in a world of its own.

I came back home and quickly went out shopping near Paris just north of Versailles in quai des marques,Franconville, dept val d’oise-95. Then went took a stroll in by rive gauche train station, and to see my ” second home” the castle at night is very romantic ,glorious, magnificent !

This morning went to pick up my other son,at Villepreux , coming back from visiting grandpa of girlfriend in Nantes, so she lives just south of Versailles. They met at the private high school in Le Chesnay, all in the Yvelines ,dept 78 west of Paris.

Now we are ready to head out to Paris, have some get together with folks from travel forums and close friends that will meet us there at Au Trappiste by Chatelet. My 3 boys are going with me for a boys night out ::) Paris its always any excuse to come back to it.

We will be back late, and then Versailles will be cooler,nighty, exotic, romantic, just glamorous under the stars. Versailles it is worth a kingdom for France lol!

Halloween, it is more and more done here, but not as much as in the USA. We dont participate anymore but do buy the candies for the neighborhood kids. Then on Nov 1st is a holiday All Saints Day, or Toussaints ,no work for us so relax. This is ,also, the day we head back to Bretagne and back to work on Nov 2nd. I will be back for work meetings in Paris on Nov 8th, and will see what the job holds for me as far as travel to branches around the world.

Lately Le Figaro is putting out some top 10 list, and the latest was on the best poulet roti or roast chicken in Paris. The Winner was L’Ami Louis, 32 rue du Vertbois, 3eme, but my favorites were rank high again on this list; such as Au Pére Claude,51 av de la Motte-Picquet, 15eme, J’Go, 4 rue Droout, 9eme (also at Toulouse main one), Chez Clement, 17 bd des Capucines (closed) , 2eme near Opera;and my perennial one La Gare, 19 Chaussée de la Muette, 16eme,bon apétit!!!

The meaning is the same, Versailles / Paris is a combination not to forget ever . Cheers.

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