Traveling in the Morbihan, and a lot more of it!

Well this another weekend and fall season is here so traveling in good nice cool weather is a breeze.

We took our ways and abouts to visit Erdeven, and Plouhinec, that comes out in many Brittany tourist brochures. The towns are very picturesques especially Plouhnic and Erdeven has wonderful beaches too.

Its another easy drive for me along the D22 direction Erdeven to hit city center right on, the imposing church tells you of arrival.  I found the fame a bit too much, other than a nice beach area, the rest has nothing to see, I was disappointed from the magazines and videos I have seen of it from tourists authorities. The official tourist webpage is at

However, Plouihnec was different not a beach near but beautiful city center with quaint streets and houses, lots of restos in its center, and nice gorgeous church. This is the town to spend a day relaxing in small city life at any time of the year.

We were driven by car ,and found parking very easy at JP Collard center at Plouhinec. The official tourist webpage is at

It is lovely rides like these that makes Bretagne and especially the Morbihan so nice, with many choices, and great towns for most.

I am touching base on all of them when times allowed on weekends, and hope that later on with the family here we can go back to the best in detail; we have time ::)

Hope you enjoy the photos and help you planned your vacations in the Morbihan ::) Cheers

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One Comment to “Traveling in the Morbihan, and a lot more of it!”

  1. Love seeing all the places you get to! Am soooo jealous!


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