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October 11, 2011

A love affair call PARIS

Just the thought of going to Paris area again makes me think of all the wonderful years spent there, and with me forever. I will be there october 21 to bring my boys over, then back to Morbihan on the 22nd. My house there still on sale and the moving is slow but no other choice.

I will be back October 29 for the toussaints or all saints day holiday and come back november 1 with my father and the boys. My oldest will stay with mom until house is sold. I will traveling the route a lot, luckily I was thinking of changing my car and decided not to ,good decision because the kms are now on the old car ::)

Some of the favorites places I am looking forward  to see and shop at the quai des marques at Franconville, dept 95, Val d’Oise, all brand names at outlet mall prices, can reach it by gare st lazare train and then bus or better take the car, more info at

Another wonderful place is the museum of the Pinocotheque at pl de la Madeleine; wonderful modern arts and plenty of souvenirs shop. More info at you can reach it on metro lines 8,12,and 14 ;sortie or exit pl de la madeleine as well as buses no 24,42,52,84, and 94 arret or stop Madeleine. Surrrounded by wonderful chic shopping at my favorite shop street rue Tronchet.

Next is an unusual place that most people overlook but its the best Asian museum in Europe!! Musée Guimet ,more info at its reach by metro stop Trocadero, Bossiére,and Iéna; its right off pl d’iéna.

Another cute one, that my boys enjoy at any city is the wax museum or Grevin.  more info at right off metro Grands Boulevard _line 8 and 9  as well as Bourse-line 3, and Richelieu-Drouot-line 8 or 9.

For the gourmand and I am one, head for the museum of chocolate or Le Musée Gourmand du Chocolat; more info at  see the choco story complete with tastings ,reach it at metro Bonne Nouvelle line 8 or 9, metro Strasbourg-Saint Denis line 4 or buses No 20,39, and 48 stops or arrets Poissonniere, Bonne Nouvelle or porte Saint Denis.

For something magical see the biggest cinema in Europe! at Paris visit Les Etoiles Durex, more info at ;you have special effects,  archives images, and film sets all in front of you.  get there on metro Bonne nouvelle line 8 or 9 its right off the metro exit on blvd Poissonniere.

For savoring my old habits why not a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe! well been to those in the States, USA that is, now this one is not the same but when you are here and want to see there, this is as close as it gets.more info at www.hardrock.comm/paris . You reach it on metro Grands Boulevards lines 8 or 9 . There is always discounts at some local hotels or the tourist office at  25 rue des pyramides, metro pyramides lines 7 or 14.

Then, see some exotic buildings ,popular to many, and always visited by me when times allowed. These are in line this time:

The Pantheon, where the illustrious man of France are at rest, its wonderful for the history and the experience of these men. By public transport it is best the RER stop Luxembourg. More info at the Centre des Monuments Nationaux de France,site

Another is the Conciergerie, the first Parisian royal palace, and the site of the last days of queen Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.  Very centrally located with access on metro Chatelet, St Michel or Cité, line 4 as well as RER Chatelet-Les Halles,and St Michel. same webpage as the pantheon. While in this area visit the remodeled Forum Les Halles shopping area and the church of St Eustache.

Last but not least, head north for the Basilique de Saint Denis, where most of the kings and queens of France rest in peace. same webpage as the others above. You reach it on metro Basilique Saint DEnis line 13.

if by car use the wonderful parking garages of Vinci at

And of course cant leave without stopping by Versailles ,my royal town, je t’aime Versailles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  RER C will take you from many places in Paris like St Michel, and also get there from Gare St Lazare or Montparnasse and bus 171 at porte de Sévres drop you right in front of castle!! more info at

Until we read you me read me you again, see you in France,cheers.

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