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October 2, 2011

Paris, we always have Paris and come back for more

Well I am back from a three day two night spin on Paris !! Its strange now to come back to a place I know so well, second home always will be. This time was special because the company paid for the trip so I was doubly greatfull to be in Paris.

I came from Vannes (Morbihan 56) by TGV train to Montparnasse took about a bit over 3 hrs, and this time the trains connection works! I had time to stay by the Jardin Atlantique on the roofstop of the gare Montparnasse a place of heavenly thoughts with its beautiful basin of Miroitements and the ile des Hésperides right on it so green and peaceful.  This is just around the corner from my old office location in rue des Departs.

I made connection on metro line 13 and then line 3 to reach my hotel at the 17th arrondissement or district of Paris. Hotel Magellan was nice chosen by the company and full of history as it was there that the NASA folks who came for the Paris Air Show of 2001 stayed and their autographs photos are hang on the wall. I just needed to walk along blvd Pereire to the ave de la GRande Armée where my office meeting were held. It was heavens to walk Paris streets again !!!!!

I just happenned to stop by for coffee at Le Congres at porte Maillot as used to do consulting work off ave Amiral Bruix. and for my late night escape came back to the porte de Champeret and had a blast with old friends at Le Chope Champeret before heading to the place de la Republique at Casa del Campo for a wild late evening.  My poor coworkers went to the Meridien hotel for a night of live jazz (done that been there).

Too bad missed the Nuit Blanche october 1 for the first time in 8 years, saw on reports and TV that is again nice. recommend to all to write the dates down and be here during the Nuit Blanche, started in Paris and now spread to other European cities.

The trip back was business like as the connection was done on line 1 at porte Maillot to Etoile-Clemenceau for line 13 to Montparnasse and back on the TGV direct to Vannes, where my reliable Ford was waiting to take home in 25 minutes. The weekend was full of adventures with my twin boys, for posts to come and plenty of photos of the beautiful morbihan area of brittany.

In Paris, during the short time was able to meet my company requirement of time, and met old friends that is always welcome. Paris will always be there, and always looking forward to come back to it;its eternal. Cheers

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