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October 16, 2011

Traveling in the Morbihan, and a lot more of it!

Well this another weekend and fall season is here so traveling in good nice cool weather is a breeze.

We took our ways and abouts to visit Erdeven, and Plouhinec, that comes out in many Brittany tourist brochures. The towns are very picturesques especially Plouhnic and Erdeven has wonderful beaches too.

Its another easy drive for me along the D22 direction Erdeven to hit city center right on, the imposing church tells you of arrival.  I found the fame a bit too much, other than a nice beach area, the rest has nothing to see, I was disappointed from the magazines and videos I have seen of it from tourists authorities. The official tourist webpage is at

However, Plouihnec was different not a beach near but beautiful city center with quaint streets and houses, lots of restos in its center, and nice gorgeous church. This is the town to spend a day relaxing in small city life at any time of the year.

We were driven by car ,and found parking very easy at JP Collard center at Plouhinec. The official tourist webpage is at

It is lovely rides like these that makes Bretagne and especially the Morbihan so nice, with many choices, and great towns for most.

I am touching base on all of them when times allowed on weekends, and hope that later on with the family here we can go back to the best in detail; we have time ::)

Hope you enjoy the photos and help you planned your vacations in the Morbihan ::) Cheers

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October 9, 2011

Traveling in the Morbihan, continues

Well Sunday is a slow day in France, time to be with the family. As mine still split between our two homes in Versailles and Brech, we (the twin boys and I) decide to go for a ride before coming back home for games and foodies.

We went out to check Sene, a town just to the south of Vannes ,right into the gulf de morbihan, and went all the way to St Ana , a port harbor very picturesque with a nice resto to come back for it as today it was closed.

We took a couple pictures, and walk around the area, vry nice and chic, lovely homes, and the sea of course, the sea is always good ::)  We came back to Vannes to eat and the boys decided to go back ,back American so we had lunch at KFC ,yes you know it kentucky fried chicken, had a branch here too lol!!!

Really, unless you head to tourist heaven in Port area of Vannes or ST Goustan in Auray ,or Quiberon, not much is open today afternoon. But we are well adjusted and we have everything at home ::)

The boys are getting ready as going to Versailles by October 21st, >I will come back for the job, my son will visit girlfriend grandpa at Nantes from the 25th and I will be heading on business to Madrid. Coming back the 28 evening to go pick them up home on the 29th and stay the Toussaint or all saints day holiday in France there, returning back to the Morbihan on Nov 1st. November it seems a busy traveling day at work….to be continue.

Now home watching TV and everybody on the internet with each computer’s. The family is back home connected and visited the area of La Defense ,near Paris yesterday with my oldest and wife. Until next time in my blogging ways, cheers and have a great week ahead everybody.

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October 8, 2011

Traveling in the Morbihan

Today Saturday was a day of setting off with the boys to different and usual parts in the department of Morbihan No 56 in Brittany ,France.

It was a  cloudy overcast day, a bit cloudy at first then opening up a bit with sunshine later on. The temps was about 15°C. no rain thus. We set out from home and first headed for the city center to see if the post office was open, hehehe here they close at 12h so we got there late it was closed lol!!! The bourg of Brech is fantastic isn’t it ::)

We then set out to city center Auray to get some cash and walk a bit, trying to see the post office there but it too closes at 12h so tought luck; we walk a bit more seeing the beautiful church of St Gildas in pl Notre Dame. This is a small but gorgeous church you all should see when visiting the area.

From we went to the city of Ploemel, we stop in city center and walk a bit around the church there but it was closed. It looks like a very nice old building with typical breton stones all over. We went over the gare or train station, and seek out the Karting complex there just to know where it is as the boys are looking forward to using it.

We,the, set out for Quiberon, the wonderful peninsula. WE did our usual walk and were able to find free parking in city center, winter time the tourists are out and the city is all for us ::) We did finally had our lunch at our usual place , the Quai Ouest resto which literally means Key West ( as in our old Florida hounds); we had our tuna on the plancha, hamburgers,beers, and desserts of floating isle,chocolat mousse, and caramel pudding ,plus coffee all for 61 euros for 3 persons.The resto is at the point of the bld ocean bordering the ocean, and its a great location for people watching as well as always great food and service. It has become our regular hangout in the city.

WE then left this wonderful beach town and headed for the seat of government in the department ,the city of Vannes. There we had our usual stop with the boys, the FNAC electronics games stores chain where we spent quite a bit of time ::) and Dad came out paying out again for mp4 machines. We then went over the Carrefour commercial center for our grocery shopping and a shoulder bag for my kid ,before finally heading home again with more traffic than usual.

Now we are leisurely at home watching TV and dad on the internet, well they are on the internet too but more multi handy with these gadgets than I ::)

We are all looking forward to next weekend when we will be heading to Versailles and see the rest of the family, and then next following week my son goes to Nantes to visit girlfriend’s grandpa,and I go to Madrid on business trip. The following week is a Four day weekend here so will be back in Versailles to get my father over with me as well. Busy and multi tasks, thats me ::) See you around the world somewhere, cheers

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