Some news from France LVIIII

gare de lyon very early if you want to avoid the crowds!

Well here I am in Versailles, another trip back home. Its a special day because we are celebrating my wife’s birthday tonite,and our house is for sale by a realtor ,finally. Our move to Brittany is going well, the whole thing is very slow in France, land of the burocratic paperwork maze, but alas, all is going well.

As you might know, we are heading now into October, and fall vacation time leading up to all saints day or Toussaint Nov 1, then Armistice or end of WWI day on Nov 11, my boys school will be off from October 21 to Nov 2nd. During this vacation period we all plan to go out, so roads, hotels will be a bit more pressing ::)

My next trip will be a company business trip to Paris by Sept 28-30th, staying in the 17th of Paris and having conferences by the Arc de Triomphe. We will visit a trading room in the commodities market while there.

There is a nice expo at the Parvis de Notre Dame in Paris where the museum part will show a presentation in 10 stone design of the latest finding there, showing more clearly the evolution of Paris since Lutéce times. info as follows  ; location 7 parvis Notre-Dame, Pl Jean-Paul II, 75004, opening hours tuesdays to sundays from 10h-18h, closed Mondays, holidays and the Easter Sunday as well as pentecost day ,Tél +33 (0) 1 55 42 50 10.

When in Paris and need a space to work and keep tabs of home and business, you can choose and find it all here ;name wifis areas and connection all over France, so far in French only.

see it here, an independant webpage for parking information in Paris, you find it on the map and they tell you all it has, prices included. webpage you can reserve your space even before arrival! Also ,for camping cars etc. lots of good info and in English too.

this site in French tells you every taxi stand in each arrondissement of Paris, webpage also the Paris region, with airport connection ,and shuttle information. A wealth of information for the visitor and resident alike. Hope it helps

This is a site I have used a lot, the parking in La Defense, area, good for visitors too, and enjoy by many working Parisiens ,nice overview of parking areas by building, you go into the window ,tap the name of the building you are looking and it tells you all the nearby parkings. webpage

A great event ,that is going on now, I have seen it as friends of the castle, and partake in many heritage events in France, this one is a jewel, the story of the Library of Versailles from 1761-2011 (250 years of history), located at the building of the Hôtel des affaires étrangères (old foreign affairs building, where Benjamin Franklin came to sign pact of cooperation and help of his young nation) . It will last until December 3 2011, its in French ,but the official site is this one

Do you know you can rent a room at the Chateau de Versailles? yes indeed, done all the time, a lot more than visitors come here ::) The ones are La Gallerie des Batailles , at the wing of centre or aile du Midi, created by king  Louis-Philippe  in 1837. There are 35 painted frames on the walls that trace the most significant periods in French military history from Tolbiac (496 AD) to Wagram (1809 AD). My favorite place. Others are Salle de Croisades in the north wing, Gallerie des Cotelle, looking toward the bosquets and garden,the Orangerie, Chapelle royale or royal chapel, and the royal opera.

So much to do ,and see, France its a movable feast indeed. I have been to many places here while visiting and now living for the last 8 years; however, each day ,I see new things that amazes me. I am seeing and still in the moving stage, once all this paperwork is out of  the way, I plan on been keen on seeing everything around up close and personal ::) Cheers, and until next chat.

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