Some news from France LVII

Well Paris is always in the air as well as Versailles for me;and then France entirely is a movable feast.

I will be back in Versailles this coming Saturday, and then possibly go over Paris. Before on Friday will be by near Angers in Pays de la Loire. The following week is in Chantilly/Paris for back to the Morbihan and back to Versailles again on the 10th Sept. I will burning lots of rubber and using lots of gas plus kms on my car lol!!!

Something new, Aéroports de Paris is given a new service for passengers n the restaurants of the terminals 1 and 2A  at Roissy CDG. Using a small USB key which will be given free of charge, the clients could recharge their mobile phones while eating. The concept is from Powerkiss ,and it works by electromagnetic induction.

As many know, we are getting to the rentrée or the re entry period in FRance. This is the period after the normal long vacation,and the start of school ,but ,also, the start of business activities and meetings/conventions. Hotels are usually pack as well in the cities, and the restos are in heaven with activity. The schools start September 5th in our area, and the boys are ready. So I think are the parents ::)

Having my oldest son and father with me we had our mid day stop for food at the Cat Way pub in the Port area of Vannes. Grimbergers beers (4), coca cola for Dad,and salad savoyarde, andalucian pizzas and mussels a la breton with a banana split,caraibes ice cream with rum, vanilla; 58 Euros for 3. We then did some groceries at the local Super U supermarket before reaching new home and now watching football/soccer match between Bordeaux and St Etienne.

Then, we spoked with the wife and one twin boy, and the other twin boy call me from his girlfriend’s house to have the round trip pep talk with the family before going to bed. Tomorrow is another full day at work, while my oldest and dad gets to try the public bus system in the area,the TIM and TPV.

A great event coming up^in ¨Paris, the American Friends of the musée d’Orsay have a great gala event, read all about it here

Until our next pep talk, you all have a wonderful end of week, and happy travels ::)

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