Presqu’ile de Quiberon, paradise found!

Well I was back this morning to my favorite place in the Morbihan, Quiberon or the almost island of Quiberon as the French name roughly translates. Its beach, dunes, seafood,and quaint little streets with plenty to shop for. Its only 30 mins from my home by car. The time  was very sunny and temp of 30°C!!!

In the summer months there is a train service from Vannes to Quiberon but then it stops. There is a bus no 1 from Vannes too all year long, check schedules at TIM or transports in the morbihan. The best however is the car, parking at the SEmophare up front and buses takes you all the way to city center and the gare maritime. Or come early and park like me at the gare or train station parking just couple minutes from city center.

The webpages for the city of Quiberon is

the tourist office is at

You have many goodies here like the Riguedel famous bakery ,the Trinitaine biscuits store, and the fish/tuna conservatory at Belle Iloise as my favorites. For clothing the Via Maris is great as well as souvenirs. The Comptoir de la Mer is great for clothing too.

There are restos,pubs,creperies, all over the area huge area;and of course the fish and seafood is king, with live fresh gulf lobster today going for 24,95 euros per kilo or about 18 USD a pound. Plenty of fish like flounder at 8,95 per kilo and all goodies like langostine salads,and tuna with olives!!!

The market was on with more goodies from local farms and many items of souvenirs and clothings. Its the event every saturday morning so dont miss it while in the area. Needless to say the area was pack;just come early like me here by 9h to avoid the traffic and congestion, parking by the gare or train station will avoid later the traffic leaving out.

I was visiting with my father so the toll on walking was stop several times for rest periods, but he kept up pretty well. We ate local food at the creperie Cap Au Large overlooking the beach at 15 rue port maria tel +33 (0) 2 97 30 39 93. We ran up five beers leffes a Houat st jacques, mushrooms and salmon galette similar to crepe, the ham and cheese for him, , crepe of chocolate and coconuts,and two coffees for 41 euros for two, not bad facing the ocean and best people watching on the beach ::); The service was very good and fast.

I have some photos to come below hopefully, and more exploring to do in the area tomorrow. I must tell you keep this destination in mind for your next vacation it is wonderfully good for the whole family.


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