Versailles, always in my heart

Well here I am in a rainy day in the morbihan, just spoked with the family back “home” in Versailles this morning. We are getting closer to reunite again after the job assingment that make me leave the area and move in my life once again.

Looking back I have average a home every 7 years of my life, so this is no different , however, the older one gets the more difficult it is to move. The habits of the old place are still in me, the friends, the familiarity with the area ,and the neighbors will be miss.

My kids too already teens will leave friends behind and even a girlfriend (that i must ensure the contact remains as it looks good). The twins will start school here Sept 5th while the older will have an interview august 19th to continue his alternates studies of work and study here;if not will have to secure student housing there to finish his studies. The rest are ready to move and house is for sale, as well as some furniture.

Versailles and its area will be missed, it is a wonderful city full of history and beautiful monument not the least the grand Chateau de Versailles, of which I am a volunteer member for many years as well as friends of the castle organisation.

I had the opportunity to go back often now still to see the family and make every effort to spend some time walking it s streets and see it day and night as if it is the last time, silly as I only will be 5 hrs by car and about 4h by train.

Many have come here to see the castle, not too many have seen the rest ,in my pages here  I have try to tell you the rest, as well as in pictures and the gallery of photos, pictures which I only ask to credit them to this site, and have all enjoy it, the world at least ::)

I still be in company convention in Sept 5-9 to another excuse to stop by Paris and VErsailles, then hopefully meet some old friends in Paris over the weekend of Sept 10-11, and bring the twins back for school on Sept 4th, then we will see how the move is done, hopefully all in place by Christmas so we can have a Breton one ::)

Cheers ,and here a few more photos of the mythical area, enjoy them as much as I always will ……………………………Versailles, the other Capital of France.

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