Vannes,the heart of the Morbihan

This is the prefecture or main govt city in the Morbihan, sort of like the capital of the deparment or province or state. It has a large port area coming right into the city center,and a maritime station with regular boat service to outlying islands in the Gulf of Morbihan. its gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The official tourist office webpage for Vannes is at you can also see tourist info at the departement tourist webpage here

You can reach it by road using viamichelin as a guide ,from Paris take the A13 or A11 and follow directions Caen ,Rennes ,Lorient,Vannes or Chartres,Le Mans, Laval, Rennes, Lorient, Vannes. Best parking underground is at pl de la Republique or le port area. You can make by train direct from Paris Montparnasse or even Roissy CDG with less frequency, see . Then by air from Paris to Nantes Atlantique airport and rent a car or bus service in season to Vannes.

For local transport by bus, the Vannes bus system is pretty good for a country service, sometimes to outlaying cities the service is minimum but inside the city the service is good, the webpage is at However,for me the central transport site Breizgo is great, webpage

Many sites to visit here, like the Port area, the ramparts of the old castle, the doors like the great porte Saint Vincent for a Spanish priest Vicente Ferrer of Valencia who came here to spread the gospel long ago from Valencia Spain,he is buried now in the Cathedral here. The museums in old wheat wines caves, and the gare maritime with passenger service to outlying areas in the Gulf of Morbihan. FOr me the best is to walk is cobblestone streets, its wooden houses, to see the sail and motor boats in the pleasure marina ,walk its old streets ,and have a nice lunch or dinner while looking at this wonderful pretty town.

The best way again is to walk this wonderful city of Bretagne, its one of the original canton or districts of the breton language , the city is name gwened in breton and all signs are done this way here. Go around the ramparts, see the old towers of the castle, see the old wheat depository today a wonderful museum, see the Conleau isle with its wonderful boat basin and beach as well as Best Western hotel with a nice cafe resto. You can walk around it on foot along the bay.The butterfly museum, the aquarium, bowling,cinema and expo center. Then head over to the port area with its fish market, food market,pleasure boat basin,wooden houses, and great resto area especially idylic at night.

In all a wonderful place that I must come often as head of my local government or prefecture. You wont go wrong in Vannes Morbihan ,one of France’s popular vacation center and the tourist are in force all over now!!! Cheers

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