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August 31, 2011

Some news from France LVII

Well Paris is always in the air as well as Versailles for me;and then France entirely is a movable feast.

I will be back in Versailles this coming Saturday, and then possibly go over Paris. Before on Friday will be by near Angers in Pays de la Loire. The following week is in Chantilly/Paris for back to the Morbihan and back to Versailles again on the 10th Sept. I will burning lots of rubber and using lots of gas plus kms on my car lol!!!

Something new, Aéroports de Paris is given a new service for passengers n the restaurants of the terminals 1 and 2A  at Roissy CDG. Using a small USB key which will be given free of charge, the clients could recharge their mobile phones while eating. The concept is from Powerkiss ,and it works by electromagnetic induction.

As many know, we are getting to the rentrée or the re entry period in FRance. This is the period after the normal long vacation,and the start of school ,but ,also, the start of business activities and meetings/conventions. Hotels are usually pack as well in the cities, and the restos are in heaven with activity. The schools start September 5th in our area, and the boys are ready. So I think are the parents ::)

Having my oldest son and father with me we had our mid day stop for food at the Cat Way pub in the Port area of Vannes. Grimbergers beers (4), coca cola for Dad,and salad savoyarde, andalucian pizzas and mussels a la breton with a banana split,caraibes ice cream with rum, vanilla; 58 Euros for 3. We then did some groceries at the local Super U supermarket before reaching new home and now watching football/soccer match between Bordeaux and St Etienne.

Then, we spoked with the wife and one twin boy, and the other twin boy call me from his girlfriend’s house to have the round trip pep talk with the family before going to bed. Tomorrow is another full day at work, while my oldest and dad gets to try the public bus system in the area,the TIM and TPV.

A great event coming up^in ¨Paris, the American Friends of the musée d’Orsay have a great gala event, read all about it here

Until our next pep talk, you all have a wonderful end of week, and happy travels ::)

August 13, 2011

Some news from France LVI

Very hot and sunny in the Morbihan, and getting ready once again to visit the family in Versailles and stop by Paris of course. We have a holiday call assomption on August 15 so we will have a three day weekened to enjoy in summer.

Here the tourist are in force all over and especially on sunny days by the coast gulf area on the beaches. My next stop after the 15 august will be in sept 3rd to pick kids for the school here that starts sept 5, and then return the mother sept 10th, waiting for the house to sell there.

If anybody wants to meet me I will be sept 5-9 in the evenings in Paris by the hotel Magellan on the 17éme.

Lately the Le Figaro has come up with a contest for the best strawberry pie in Paris and the winner was Gerard Mulot, 76 rue de Seine ,6éme. 2nd was Jacques Genin at 113 rue de Turenne, 3rd Dalloyau 101 rue faubourg saint honore.

Similar ranking fr the gaufres,where the winner is L’avant Comptor at the carrefour de l’Odéon one of my favorite places in Paris, 2nd place was for L’Absinthe at pl du marche saint honore, and 3rd place for Le Boumangepicerie at the 3rd etage of the store Printemps, blvd Haussmann.

The Rotonde de Stalingrad is back , renovated and great looking. The Rotonde was done in 1788 and was the phare of the walls of the store FErmiers Genereaux . It was here that the offices of the rights of passage of merchandise entering Paris was found.  When these righes or taxes were eliminated in 1791, the building was abandoned, then serve as headquarters of the municipal garde from 1830 to 1865,then house of salt from  1865 to 1921. The Rotonde was saved from the demolition of Baron  Hausmann while extending the limits of Paris in 1860 (see my entries on villages and arrondissement of Paris),and was reborn after the fire of the communes in 1871. Finally escape the tracing of the metro line 2 from 1900 to 1903.  It house from 1960 the commission du Vieux Paris (commission of old Paris)  that stayed until 2004. In 2009, the project of renovation took place that ended just this week!!!!!

The Rotonde now has a circular brasserie with traditional French dishes, it has a big terrace with a great brunch on Sundays for 35€ as well as the Bar du Coin (Corner bar) with light food for the fast food aficionados. The Rotonde has 7 private rooms for pro seminars, meetings, etc and open to rent to individuals as well for yoga courses, shops of plastic arts or their anniversaries as well as expositions with the sponsoriship of the  Mairie de Paris (mayor ‘s office) . You can read my entry on the Paris 19 arrondissement where I told you of the construction of the brasserie inside the Rotonde.  La Rotonde,  6-8, place de la Bataille de Stalingrad (75019). Tél.+33  (0) 1 80 48 33 40. Carte : 20-40 euros. webpage at

Just in and its raining cloudy day in Versailles, will need tog o out again to get my oldest son at work,then go to Paris tomorrow with the family.

Now the Arts go elsewhere in France ,not just Paris, go see the movable feast that is all of France!! First, the Louvre goes to Lens there by 2012!!! Just coming out of the Gare de Lens train station you see the happening, all over is getting ready for the grand opening seven years after its annoucement and I spread the word too in many travel forums . For its international part the Architects are from Japan; with glass and metal in squares with a gallery of time looking into a gallery of glass.

They expect to have 700 000 visitors the first year and so on; the list of objects to be presented there are already agreed on but kept secret until showtime ! We know here that one of its beauties will be the painting by the great Eugène Delacroix, will have its opening there at the gallery of glass or “galerie du temps”. Some others promise there will be a Botticelli, a Watteau, one Boilly, a Léonard de Vinci, a Poussin:and many others. All total will have about 900 works of arts, 250 in the gallery, 70 for the pavillon de verre (glass house), and  200 for the expositions, will be there for one to three years. The visit to the gallery will be free for the first year. An official webpage is here

then, the other great one, Versailles is not to be left behind non plus ::) About 80 works of arts from the palace will be on display at Arras in the north of France, and only half an hour from the louvre at Lens .The agreement between the Musée des beaux-arts d’Arras (fine arts museum of Arras) and the Château de Versailles.  It will lends some of its beauties to Arras for the next 10 years . The collections that will be seen  with the expositions of long term showing (18-24 months) will be house in a wing at the abbey of Saint-Vaast. Museum information on the site of the mayor’s office of Arras webpage

 Take care and have a great weekend everyone. Cheers.

August 6, 2011

My escapades in Europe

I have the need to travel on business a lot in my life, spend many times away from family. My new challenge require much travel, beginning in Europe but eventually Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Visiting on business and pleasure are two different animals, usually business does not count in my counter for personal blog experiences, however, these were countries that I have visited in the past and after several years was back to them.

First was Prague, in the Czech Republic. Totally different now under a new country (now but really old), and different political system (much better). I was not in the tourist area but outskirts in industrial park near working class building, my hotel was in a nice area with huge homes and private tennis club. I need it to take a bus then a metro to reach the old center so instead walk around where I was, and very busy with the job. I stay at the Elizza hotel,and ate at privka Amerika restaurant both very friendly and good.

Then was off to Lisbon , Portugal, where my oldest boy godfather is from very familiar but short time there. I ate at Pedro’s place a typical portuguese family resto not on anybody’s travel book but delicious home made cooking, it is off praça Francisco da Carneiro. My stay was at the very nice hotel Altis Park, with all amenities, friendly and great restaurant.

Finally ,just got off been to Geel near Anvers Belgium, there stay at Hotel Verlooy in Geel, and ate at the market square Het Podium and the Irish pub there with a nice guinness. The area is industrial agricultural mixture, and it has a nice church in city center. The different is here went by train an odyssey, first TGV Vannes-Paris Montparnasse, change to metro line 4 but was block, police intervention so needed to take alternative line 6 to Denfert-Rochereau then switch again to RER B to reach Gare Paris Nord; running not to miss my thalys to Brussels Midi station. There had reserved an Avis rental car Citroen C3 to reach destination on the ring road of Brussels all with traffic jams to stand still!!! Went around on the E19 straight to Anvers, there took the ring road R2 to final destination. The return was not easier, rental car to BRussels Midi train station was fine, but the thalys was delayed 30 minutes !! by the time reach Paris Nord took line 4 alright this time to Paris MOntparnasse, arrive late the train TGV was ready to leave, spoked my way to train folks u ntils finally call me back and allow me into the train, reach Vannes, no taxis, tourist had taken them all, needed to wait 15 minutes to have one arrive and finally reach home! Never again , I am never a train person and this will prove me to the company not to use it again.

The trips to Prague and Lisbon were done by airplane and taxi, much better easy trips. To Prague I change from Nantes to Lyon and to Lisbon change at CDG Paris very easy. I drove my car from VAnnes to Nantes airpôrt and stay one night each time at the Escales Oceania hotel at the airport just off parking P1. All very easy.

Business wise the trips were very good tallking with company directors and finance mgrs. Personally it was fulfilling to re visit places not have to in many years;now got my update first hands. It will not be the last as many trips there in the future are programmed.

In all are wonderful places to visit and would love to hear your stories on them in comments. Some add photos to follow, cheers

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