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July 24, 2011

The presqu’ile de Sarzeau in the Morbihan


Last friday morning was the day my kids saw their new school and we too; so we took a ride over to see a bit of the area. Wont say the school as todays’s world is a bit crazy ;but the area of Suscinio near Sarzeau is gorgeous.

The official tourist office webpage is at and the nearby area forming the semi peninsula or almost  island is here

One of the principal attractions of the area other than those relating to the ocean activities and beaches is the Chateau de Suscinio ,old home of the Dukes of Brittany, its a wonderful place that will be explore more in detail in the future I am sure, the website is here

You have wonderful towns to visit, on our first trip we spent some time at Sarzeau, the main town in the peninsula. its a wonderful small town with mariners inspiration and great mussels of the area, a wonderful church and great market on friday mornings to 13h. Parking was easily found at parking Wilson just around the corner from place Richemond, the city center.

We at at the Connetable, and it was wonderful of mussels,steaks, banana splits, and good rose wine of Bordeaux! It is right at pl Richemond front of the church. Menus start from 16 euros and we took the a la carte but only pay 79 euros for four persons.

There is a wonderful beach just behind the castle of Suscinio and quaint city life in a smaller scale. Best to go by car off the N165 road take the D780 then D198 signs are well posted all the way. There is bus No 7 of the department morbihan system from Vannes , the best transport site for BRittany use by all is Breizhgo or go brittany at

We are very happy with the choice of area already! and the school seems excellent, so figure in the future we will have to shop for our house here and around. Right now we rent apt on the other side of Vannes and keep our home in Versailles. Changes are happening well and easy. I will be in Lisbon Portugal next week and then come back to go to Paris Orly to pick up my father coming from Florida USA. Quiet busy beaver indeed.

Cheers and give me your latest too as well as comments are always welcome;no spam please. Enjoy it!!!



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