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July 20, 2011

Some news from Bretagne IV

Again the week weather wise has not been good here, cloudy and lots of rainy days and nights, poor tourists which are here already from all over Europe.

Its not going to get better for the next few days unfortunately.  Rain is in the weather person eyes.

As for me, getting ready to pick up the remnants of my family tomorrow at the train station of Auray coming from Paris Montparnasse. They will be here for the weekend to see schools on friday, then head back monday to begin my oldest work study courses.

Today was my Dad”s 76 birthday and having a great time in his sister house in Miami Lakes, Fl USA. The other of my sons is near Valencia Spain vacationing with his girlfriend’s family (lucky him). He is still there into August !!!

I will pick up my father at Orly by month’s end. In my job duties will be traveling to Lisbon Portugal end of this month, and already booked for Anvers Belgium first week of August. I will travel to the centre of France too in Sept. That is heavy with work travel as the company convention will be held in a nice hotel in Chantilly with a seminar by the ave George V in Paris.

I will try to bring the family here into another wonderful area of the MORBIHAN, that is check out this weekend the area of Sarzeau and its sea castle of Suscinio.

In the meantime stay safe, and keep in touch even if some lazy ones do it by email and not here ::) Go ahead make my day !!! Cheers!

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